Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Come Say Hello at the Fest In Gainesville This Weekend.

For immediate release October 29, 2009

For the 8th consecutive year, No Idea Records has put together a phenomenal underground music festival in the downtown of Gainesville, FL. From Halloween Eve throughout the first of November, The Fest will be a host to over 5,000 music fans and 200 bands. Think South by Southwest, but less intense and more about the music than the industry. From the more well-known artists such as Less Than Jake, Strike Anywhere, and Dillinger Four, to No Idea's roster of punk-turns-country favorite Tim Barry, his buddy Josh Small, and the on-again-off-again Drag the River, there's something for everyone here. Just trust us, this festival is one of the best.

The owners of have long been fans and supporters of The Fest (they will have attended half of them!), so it makes sense for them to be involved this year. The company has been known to sponsor events based on being fans of the bands and labels themselves, but also because they support the cause. Festivals like this give opportunities to so many bands, and they truly do a great job creating their own independent music culture. If you're one of the lucky 5,000 to attend, keep an eye out for the logos through the guidebook and the rest of the Fest!

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