Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

The Simple Process of Placing a Merch Order with

We get a lot of questions regarding our ordering process and how one goes about making merchandise with us so, in an effort to alleviate your concerns, we bring you an article on exactly how our ordering works. enjoy!

1. Shop the site, decide what kind of merchandise you'd like to buy
Ordering merchandise shouldn't be considered a chore for bands. With all of our products clearly displayed on our site, we suggest that you browse our different merchandise options and make a decision about what you'd like to order. Want a few different promotional products, or are unsure what to order? Consider one of our merchandise packages!

2. Fill out a contact request form
Once your band has decided what kind of merchandise you'd like to make, the ordering process begins! Simply fill out a contact request form with the information about your order. Let us know what products, colors, sizes, etc. you're interested in. Don't worry, this isn't final- you'll have time to fine tune your order later on if you'd like.

3. Speak to a representative
Within 24 hours of submitting your contact form, a representative at will get in touch with you about your order. Remember that we're here to assist you every step of the way, so feel free to ask any questions!

4. Get a Account
Upon filling out the contact request form, a account will be automatically created for you. This account will allow you to login to see your invoice, upload art, access IndieCards campaigns, see your order history, etc. Simply go to, and use your email address as your username and the password that was emailed to you.

5. Review Invoice
After your order has been finalized between you and your representative, a formal invoice will be uploaded to your account page, which includes all shipping, taxes, and order information. Once you have reviewed the information and are ready to place the order, you can pay right on that page with a credit card!

6. Upload artwork
If your artwork is ready, simply upload it using the upload form under “FILES/ARTWORK”. We'll check the resolution to make sure your merchandise will be the highest quality possible. When ordering t-shirts, we'll send you a proof that shows exactly what your artwork will look like on a shirt. Once you've approved it, we'll put your order into production. If you need help setting up your art, we have an in-house designer who is available at a reasonable hourly rate.

7. Get awesome merchandise
Turnaround time for merchandise depends on which products you ordered, but generally within 7-10 business days you will have your merchandise shipped to your provided address. Local bands also have the option of picking up t-shirts right from our Asbury Park address. Now it's time to share your merch with the world!