Monday, January 11th, 2010

Emerging Artist Interviews: Those Mockingbirds

Submitted by: Adam Bird, singer/guitarist of Those Mockingbirds.  This indie band is based out of Montclair, NJ and can be seen at venues in NJ, NYC, and Connecticut. Those Mockingbirds just finished recording a CD with Tom Beaujour, the creator and former Editor and Chief of Revolver Magazine.  To check out some tunes, please visit:


  1. What was the first record/cassette/CD that you owned and how did it change you?  "Dangerous" by Michael Jackson... it is what first steered me towards wanting to be on a stage...though at the time I hadnt REALLY discovered Rock n Roll yet...
  2. If you could pick any musician's brain over a beer, who would it be? Jack White
  3. What would the name of your band's biography be? "Mockingbird is the word"
  4. Which musician would you be most comfortable dating your mom? Rivers Cuomo
  5. Name your dream tour: up to 5 bands, dead or alive. Nirvana, White Stripes, The Beatles, Zeppelin, Sonic Youth.
  6. How would it feel to play with your favorite band? it would probably feel pretty flattering above all else.
  7. What's the funniest moment your band has ever experienced? when Tory's mother met up with us on our first tour, and gave her an old violin case she had in high school. to save Tory the embarrassment of what was on that case, i will leave it at that until we start releasing videos from that tour.
  8. ...the craziest/most bizarre? riding a mechanical bull during a contract signing.
  9. Who are you musically influenced by that no one would ever guess by listening to your music? Eminem
  10. Tell us about the most unique member of your band and why he/she has earned this title. probably Dane. He is a special little guy, and his blood is 4% marinara sauce. to my knowledge, hes the only human being with this trait... in fact, he was scouted to be an X-Man, but he turned ole Chucky Xavier down.
  11. If someone invested a million dollars into your band, how would you use the money? to get into the studio, and to get a new touring vehicle.
  12. How do you feel being on stage when the audience is having an amazing time? the closest i can come to actually describing it is saying, pretty untouchable. but that really does it no justice.
  13. Which 5 songs would you cover if you had a cover band? we already cover "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac... and if i list any more i would be giving away future cover songs we are planning. sorry!
  14. If you swapped ipods with other members of your band, what's the most surprising music you'd find? Lady GaGa on Matt's, because youd think hes too hardcore for that.
  15. Name the place you'd most like to play a show, anywhere in the world. Tokyo, Japan.
  16. What's the most memorable musicial moment of your life? touring in general... all rolled into one.
  17. If you got a band tattoo, which band would it be? i wouldnt get a band tattoo, but maybe a band related one... like a musicial staff with notes from a favorite song or something corny like that.
  18. Tell us a situation where another band really helped you out. Ultra Violent Lights really helped us out by letting two of us travel in their van on our first tour because we didnt have enough room in ours.
  19. What moment has made all of the hard work being a musician worth it? there is no single moment. for me, its every show, no matter how many people are there, and every time i write a new song that i get excited about.
  20. If your band was a comic, what would each member's super power be? well Dane, as mentioned above can shoot marinara sauce from his hands... Tory's power would be the ability to use her hair as a whip like wonder woman. Dom would be the brute strength... Matt would catch fire like Human Torch... and i would probably just carry a wand around in homage to Harry Potter.