Monday, February 1st, 2010

Emerging Artist Interviews: Endall

Endall is a metal/rock band hailing from New Jersey.  They will be playing this year's Break Contest on Jan 17.  To check out some tunes, please visit:


  1. What was the first record/cassette/CD that you owned and how did it change you? Mob Rules - Sabbath. the rest I stole from older siblings.
  2. If you could pick any musician's brain over a beer, who would it be? I would pick the beer over a brain. Why would I want someone elses brain?Oh,pick a musicians brain whilst drinkin a beer. Ok. Gareth - Dimebag. Charlie - Phil Lynott. Me - Keith Moon.
  3. What would the name of your band's biography be? "F##K the odds !"
  4. Which musician would you be most comfortable dating your mom? No one in my band! How about Tiny Tim. 7 foot tall uke player. Gotta be entertaining at the least.
  5. Name your dream tour: up to 5 bands, dead or alive. Pantera , Kiss , Thin Lizzy , Drowning Pool and of course Endall 
  6. How would it feel to play with your favorite band? Humbling. Once in a lifetime acheivement
  7. What's the funniest moment your band has ever experienced? Lots of funny shit. especially on the road. If you don't laugh you'll kill each other.
  8. ...the craziest/most bizarre? Playin a club in Jersey and a girl in the front was headbangin full on then looked up and projectile puked. Kept on headbangin though. Hardcore. Kinda makes you wonder if your music makes people vomit.
  9. Who are you musically influenced by that no one would ever guess by listening to your music? Winger !
  10. Tell us about the most unique member of your band and why he/she has earned this title. Charlie (bass) One second he looks like he'll rip your head off then bust into a spot on Peter Griffin impression. Btw...awesome bassist
  11. If someone invested a million dollars into your band, how would you use the money? Buy the "sham-wow!" guy to be the Endall hypeman! Yes we'd purchase a person. Seriously. Hire the best producer we could to do our full length. Buy some awesome merch. And of course a "ghetto fabulous" tour bus.
  12. How do you feel being on stage when the audience is having an amazing time? Incredibly stoked , gracious and so in the moment. Very hard to explain though.
  13. Which 5 songs would you cover if you had a cover band?Bodies by D.Pool , Slither by V.Revolver , anything by Down , Jet by P.Mccartney and the muppet theme song.
  14. If you swapped ipods with other members of your band, what's the most surprising music you'd find? Christian Rock on Charlies
  15. Name the place you'd most like to play a show, anywhere in the world. MSG 
  16. What's the most memorable musicial moment of your life? Endall at the legendary Stone Pony
  17. If you got a band tattoo, which band would it be? Endall of course!
  18. Tell us a situation where another band really helped you out. Scarlett Carsen (another awesome Jersey band). We've got a tight friendship with them. Try to support each other as much as possible. Black Water Rising and My Mortality were also very cool.
  19. What moment has made all of the hard work being a musician worth it? The little things I think. A car drivin by and you hear your song blastin out of it. A kid askin you to sign something. A crowd movin to your music, Don't matter if it's 10 or 500 people. Things you can't dip in platinum and hang on the wall. 
  20. If your band was a comic, what would each member's super power be? Charlie would have powers drawn from the energy in his hair, "By the power of Hairyskull , I have the power!" Gareth would be the "Shredder". Sh80 would beat up villians with his huge penis. Bet you can't guess who answered these questions! Ha Ha  .