Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Emerging Artist Interviews: Blameshift

Submitted by Ben, bass player for Blameshift. These Long Island natives are no strangers to the road.  With 8 national tours under their belt, you know they have something big brewing!  To keep their fans involved, they've created a contest for bands to design their new album artwork! To learn more about their contest, tours, or to check out some tunes, go to: Myspace.com/blameshift

1.  What was the first record/cassette/CD that you owned and how did it change you?   I'll go with CD on this one cause it's a better story.. It was either Boyz2Men or All4One lol I sang a track off one of those albums to a girl I liked in grade school and she stopped talking to me.. Made me realize at an early age that I wasn't a singer!

  If you could pick any musician's brain over a beer, who would it be?  Well I don't drink so I suppose I would rather pick any musicians brain over a beer but I feel like Henry Rollins would have some interesting things to talk about.

Which musician would you be most comfortable dating your mom?  I hear Dee Snider is a gentleman..

How do you feel being on stage when the audience is having an amazing time? There's nothing like being on a stage in front of people who are there to hear you play the music you've created! It's always a rush of adrenaline and emotion, an unexplainable feeling to anyone who hasn't actually experienced it..

If you swapped ipods with other members of your band, what's the most surprising music you'd find?  I don't think I would be surprised at all lol.. I think my library is probably more obscure than the rest of my bands put together..


If you got a band tattoo, which band would it be? I did that in 2007 with the band I was in at the time while on tour in Toledo Ohio. We all got it done and we stopped playing about a year later but they were and still are some of the best friends I feel I will ever meet.. Support what you love..

What moment has made all of the hard work being a musician worth it?. Every moment of being a musician is worth it.. It's what I love to do..

 If your band was a comic, what would each member's super power be?  Jenny would be able to grab food out of anyones plate without a trace, Tim could turn into a hulk like being after eating a can of peanuts but red and with a terrible respiratory problem, James could just get so mad at things they explode and I would have earth trembling super seizures cause I can only have regular ones right now..