Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Emerging Artist Interviews: It's a King Thing

Submitted by Brian Mietz of the South Jersey band "It's a King Thing".  You can check these guys ouat at:

What was the first record/cassette/CD that you owned and how did it change you?
I got the Wilson Phillips “Hold On” cassingle for Christmas. I used to sing it with my mom. I was fat so I sang Carnie Wilson’s parts.
I don’t think any tape changed me until my friends’ older brothers’ bands started recording tapes. Dixon Ward, The Kozmonauts and The Products would be those tapes. It’s pretty enjoyable being in a band with some of those guys now.
If you could pick any musician's brain over a beer, who would it be?
Rivers Cuomo. Or Lisa Loeb cause maybe she’d get dunk and wanna make out with me. And when she wanted to leave I could ask her to "stay".
What would the name of your band's biography be?
“Do I look fat in this gut?”
Which musician would you be most comfortable dating your mom?
Not Glen Danzig.
Name your dream tour: up to 5 bands, dead or alive.
Dixon Ward, Weston, Weezer (with Matt Sharp), The Lemonheads, Nirvana
How would it feel to play with your favorite band?
We played with the Lemonheads in June. I saw Evan Dando’s shoes walk in the bathroom while I was pooping. It was a good mixture of surreal / being a total pussy and not introducing myself to Evan Dando / beers / friends and fun. Shoulda said hi to him when I was number 2’ing.
What's the funniest moment your band has ever experienced?
I think everyone has fun scaring the shit out of me every chance they get.
....the craziest/most bizarre?
Seeing an old English dude, dressed as 13 year old mall punk do a “squiggle” of coke off of Greek meat tray.
Who are you musically influenced by that no one would ever guess by listening to your music?
Brian: The Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack
Tell us about the most unique member of your band and why he/she has earned this title.
We’re all unique. If the Zack Attack on Saved By The Bell was composed of 5 Screeches, that’d be us. Except none of us have curly hair.
If someone invested a million dollars into your band, how would you use the money?
Split it up between us and the Gradwell House and do a tour.
How do you feel being on stage when the audience is having an amazing time?
I still feel short. And awesome.
Which 5 songs would you cover if you had a cover band?
INXS “Beautiful Girl”, The La’s “There She Goes”, Fleetwood Mac “Everywhere”, The Cure “In Between Days”, The Breeders “Divine Hammer”
If you swapped iPods with other members of your band, what's the most surprising?
music you'd find?
Mike probably has a lot of funk music. I have 2 Shanice songs on my iPod.
Name the place you'd most like to play a show, anywhere in the world.
Kristen Bell’s basement or bedroom.
What's the most memorable musical moment of your life?
So far, playing a sold out show with the Lemonheads and a sold out show with Weston.
If you got a band tattoo, which band would it be?
I would get Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction tattooed on my chest
Tell us a situation where another band really helped you out.
A couple bands or members of bands have set us up with some pretty sweet shows.
What moment has made all of the hard work being a musician worth it?
Good times, I feel like I’m actually doing something besides sitting on the couch and eating junk food.
If your band was a comic, what would each member's super power be?
Brian: The ability to morph into someone else so I could be them for a day.
Steve: The ability to suppress my boner when I slow dance with my wife at age 33
Johnny: Super Sour Note Correction - any time an off-note/chord is played, it automatically corrects it...NOT auto-tunes it, but just makes it sound "right" with the song; Also know as Pavement Power. That, or invisibility. And not by some stupid Harry Potter/LOTR cloak. It's gotta be in me bones.
Jay: Duplication - Create a second version of myself so I can be in two places at one time. I need this!
Mike: Supersonic Wit