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February 2010 News & Specials

Bands On A Budget

Your One Stop Merch Shop Newsletter [February 2010]
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Get Interviewed For Our Website
And On A 2010 IndieCard - FREE!

Last month is offered free spots on one of our 2010 IndieCard to all of the bands we've worked with in the past and now we're opening it to all of our contacts. To make this a little more fun, we're asking your band to fill out the interview questions below and send them back to us. We'll post our favorite answers for each question in a blog, and just ask that you put the link on your site. Each band that fills out the interview (please reply to at least half the questions) will be featured for free on a 2010 IndieCard from The questions are below; please send back to when you've completed the interview!


Choose Your Interview Questions

  1. What was the first record/cassette/CD that you owned and how did it change you?
  2. If you could pick any musician's brain over a beer, who would it be?
  3. What would the name of your band's biography be?
  4. Which musician would you be most comfortable dating your mom?
  5. Name your dream tour: up to 5 bands, dead or alive.
  6. How would it feel to play with your favorite band?
  7. What's the funniest moment your band has ever experienced?
  8. ...the craziest/most bizarre?
  9. Who are you musically influenced by that no one would ever guess by listening to your music?
  10. Tell us about the most unique member of your band and why he/she has earned this title.
  11. If someone invested a million dollars into your band, how would you use the money?
  12. How do you feel being on stage when the audience is having an amazing time?
  13. Which 5 songs would you cover if you had a cover band?
  14. If you swapped ipods with other members of your band, what's the most surprising music you'd find?
  15. Name the place you'd most like to play a show, anywhere in the world.
  16. What's the most memorable musicial moment of your life?
  17. If you got a band tattoo, which band would it be?
  18. Tell us a situation where another band really helped you out.
  19. What moment has made all of the hard work being a musician worth it?
  20. If your band was a comic, what would each member's super power be?

Winter 2010 Special

Now for the fun part! We're always looking for deals to offer and ways to save you money so you can order the most merch possible. In addition to our ongoing specials, we're pleased to introduce the winter special:

$299 ($70 Savings!!)
12 shirts & 12 sweatshirts (pullover hoodies)
Any color* (same design and color ink)
24 beanies
(second design included in price!)

Order by Jan 15th, $289.00
XXL shirts are $2 extra each
XXL sweatshirts are $3.25 extra

*Shirts are available in the following colors:
Black, White, Ash, Azalea, Cardinal, Carolina Blue, Charcoal, Daisy, Dark Charcolate, Forest, Gold, Indigo Blue, Irish Green, Kiwi, Light Blue, Royal, Sand, Sapphire, Tangerine

Hoodies are available in the following colors:
White, Ash, Carolina Blue, Cherry Red, Dark Charcolate, Dark Heather, Forest, Gold, Indigo Blue, Honey, Irish Green, Light Blue, Light Pink, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Purple, Paprika, Red, Royal, Sand, Sport Grey, Tan, Violet

Beanies are available in the following colors**:
Black, Heather Grey, Light Blue, Red, Royal Blue, Dark Green
**While Supplies Last!


New Products & Services

We've let static IndieCards take the stage for long enough... now introducing the new arrival of a variable download card special! Variable download cards provide each of your fans with a custom code to download your music. In the spirit of the holidays, we're happy to share the following special with you:
500 Variable IndieCards for $179.00
1000 Variable IndieCards for $259.00
2000 Variable IndieCards for $395.00
4000 Variable IndieCards for $695.00

Over the past few years that we've been in business, we've noticed that one thing bands often need a hand with is their artwork. Because we're not all art/design professionals, we've brought one in to assist bands with all of their art-related needs. Aside from helping you resize, recreate, or redesign your logos, t-shirts, etc., our in-house art expert is also available to do custom designs for your CD, t-shirt, or any other merchandise you're ordering. If you're interested in getting your art done right, let our creative genius take the reins and work with you on your next design. You'll also have the logo/design in a professional format for all future purposes, so it's worth the investment. Price for art/design is $35/hour.

The air is only going to get colder from here, so we've decided to extend the beanie special! Help your fans cruise warmly through winter, while also getting promotion from a prime location: their heads. Take advantage of this unique seasonal product at a price that can't be beat!
24 beanies for $99
50 beanies for $199

Includes one color ink and has a 10 day turnaround time.



Other Current Specials

Digital Download Cards

Static Download Cards
Our most budget-minded option, static download cards, are full color, front and back, and feature a uniform 'static' code on the entire set. These cards are perfect for giving away in lieu of demos or as promotional items and are recyclable.

Conventional Download Cards
Digital download cards are manufactured from high quality plastic, cardboard, or recycled paper and can be used to distribute mp3s and digital content to your fans.

Each download card has a web address and a unique code that unlocks the content within.

Whether you use them as a replacement for compact disc, package them with vinyl, or give them away at events, download cards are the perfect way to digitally distribute all of your music and media.

To place an order or to receive a custom quote please call us toll free at 1 866-471-3868 or fill out our contact form.

Static Data Download Card, Full Color Front, Full Color Back
500- $89
1000- $99
2500- $199
Add 1000 Static Download Cards For $79 to any order including specials during the whole month of June.

30mm Plastic Full Color Font, 1 Color Back
500- $235
1000- $385
2500- $750

30mm Cardboard Full Color Front, 1 Color Back
500- Call
1000- $460
2500- $950
5000- $1700

Recycled Paper 12pt, Full Color Front, 1 Color Back
500- $235
1000- $385
2500- $750
5000- $1200

50 11x17 Posters: $69 (full color, 1 sided)
100 11x17 Posters: $99 $89 (full color, 1 sided)
5000 4x6 Postcards: $169 (full color, 2 sided, UV Gloss)
We also print Business Cards, Brochures, Booklets, CD Inserts, and Much More.
Venues/Promoters/Brokers - we can handle all your flyering/print marketing.

Vinyl Banners
4x2 Full Color: $49
8x2 Full Color: $99
6'x2' - $75, 5'x3' - $85, 6'x3' - $110, 6'x4' - $136, Custom Sizes Available
13 oz Vinyl All Prices Include Hems & Grommets. For other sizes please visit

24 White Shirts Only: $99
* 100% Cotton Gildan, Haynes, or Anvil, Includes 1 Color Print, Screen, and Set Up

Brands and styles include American Apparel, American Apparel Organic, Adidas,Alternative Apparel, Anvil, Anvil Organic, Bella, Champion, Dickies, Fruit Of The Loom, Flexfit Hats, Gildan, Haynes, Izod, Jerzees, Tultex,And Many More
We also can print Hats, Tanks, & More!

24 Pull Over Hooded Sweatshirts $12.15 Each
1 Color Print
Available In 25 Colors!!!
Zip Ups add $3.00 Each
We also can print American Apparel, Organic, Track Jackets, Windbreakers, & More!

Short-Run Full Color CD Packages
1 Color Screen Printed Sleeves with Full Color Duplicated Disc
100 - $229.00
2 Color Screen Printed Sleeves with Full Color Duplicated Disc
100 - $299.00
For full pricing information, visit
Need 1000 pieces or more? We also offer very competitive pricing on large runs as well.

500 1 Color Print: $79
1000 1 Color Print: $99
2" Square, 2" Circle and More Sizes Available
Vinyl, Long Lasting, Weather Proof Roll Stickers
We Also Print Custom Sizes, Die Cut, Clear Labels, Vehicle and Window Decals, Bumper Stickers and Much More!

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