Friday, April 2nd, 2010 Feature: Behind the Scenes with Flycat Music Group

In a time where everyone seems out for themselves in the entertainment industry, Ohmare Washington has created a site to bring everyone together. Flycat Music Group was founded as a social networking site to unite artists with individuals in the industry. Owner Ohmare Washington can be reached at He welcomes musicians, industry personel, and other music fans to create an account on his site.

Nina: Where did the idea for Flycat Music Group emerge from?

Ohmare: I came up with the idea of FMG (Flycat Music Group), when I decided to involve other artist within my company. It was originally Flycat Entertainment, and it was just me as a solo artist. Now it's a group of solo artist. I truly appreciate the fact that they have trust in me to help them achieve their goals. After attending mixxers, I also decided to create a networking site, for artist to directly connect with companies that have valuable resources.

Nina: In one sentence, explain what the main purpose of Flycat Music Group is.

Ohmare: FMG's main purpose is to create a brand within the entertainment industry.

Nina: What have been some of the biggest challenges in starting the company?

Ohmare: The biggest challenge is connecting to the fans. When you are an up-and-coming Company, and /or artist, it's a little more difficult to get individuals to connect to your brand. And the main challenge is Finance. The finances are minimal, but I have still been able to create something with heavy online-promotion, and word of mouth.

Nina: What have been some of the rewarding moments that makes it worth it?

Ohmare: My company has been in existence for less than 6 Months. In that short period of time, we have been booked to perform in London, UK for August 2010, and in Paris, France for July 2010. And also we have a promotional deal in process with a London-Based company. There has also been off-and-on talks with Ed Hardy for an endorsement deal for an artist I manage by the name,"Wes Coas" to promote his new single, "Cash Rules'

Nina: How long has Flycat Music Group been online?

Ohmare: The website, has been in existence for a year. But for the last 2 months, I have been doing a lot of changes to the site. I wanted to direct people to the site more, as opposed to our myspace page. I also decided to make the site a place for people to network and help companies promote their businesse. Somewhat of "Cross-Promotion" As far as the FMG brand, The company was created in October 2009, and every month we consistently put out a mixtape for people to download for free to remain relevant. We set up an online store for fans who want to buy the albums from our artist. As we speak we are promoting my artist Youngin's debut album "Now, Next, Forever"

Nina: How many people do you have working on the site?

Ohmare: I'm the only administrator of the site. I make all the updates and changes almost on a daily basis. I also run the company single-handledly. Getting feedback and input from my artist has been helpful, and sometimes from the members of the site. Without them, would barely exist.

Nina: What keeps you inspired to keep the website going?

Ohmare: My main inspiration for continuing to work on this site is consistency. Our goals for FMG is built off Consistency, and Longevity. It takes hard work, but when you are passionate about something, you do what it takes to keep the brand afloat. I get e-mails from artist all across the world asking to be part of Flycat Music Group.

Nina: What is your ultimate goal for Flycat Music Group?

Ohmare: My ultimate goal for FMG is to be a household name. A company known for having the most consistent artist. It's more than music also, we have Photographers, Graphic Designers, Producers, and also a Marketing Branch. This summer, I will be directing our videos, and Documentaries. There's also the Marketing, Promotion, and Management. So the goal is to be known all across the board when you think of Entertainment.

Nina: How do artists and music industry folks get noticed by you?

Ohmare: So far we have been getting noticed by going to Network events, The Internet, and also doing what i call "Groundwork". For Instance we were at this year's South By Southwest, and handed out over 600 cds, and hundreds of Business Cards, and Flyers. While I was down there, I attended an event for Music Supervisors. One of the supervisors was responsible for some of the score for "Meet The Fockers", and "Moulin Rouge". In the future, there will be music from my artist in films, and even Television Shows.

Nina: Where do you see your company in 5 years?

Ohmare: In 5 yrs I truly see my company growing into an International powerhouse. I would love to have FMG as a very resourceful company. When you build healthy relationships with other Companies, those blessings are returned to you. I see the company as a big name in every facet of the entertainment industry.