Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Those Mockingbirds debut new EP - No Symmetry

Our good friends Those Mockingbirds have some exciting new - read the official press release below and make sure to catch them on tour.

New Jersey’s THOSE MOCKINGBIRDS came together with the intention of capturing a collective desire for new sonic fusion. With a balance of old and new, soft and spacey, and in-your-face rock grit, the band will be introduced to the world with the release of their debut EP NO SYMMETRY digitally on April 20 and in stores June 8. 

Songwriter Addam Bird and instrumentalist Dom Lettera first envisioned the birth of THOSE MOCKINGBIRDS after combing through hundreds of new songs and fresh ideas. After recruiting drummer Matt Yeager, guitarist Dane Zarra and violinist/keyboardist Tory Daines, the newly assembled outfit began to shape songs with a meld of eclectic elements that match mood with energy. The music is decorated with contrast, though held together with stylistic consistency all their own. 

"We mix the old with new, violins with distorted guitar, meshing male and female vocals," explains Bird. "These tools work next to each other because the songwriting holds them all together." And as THOSE MOCKINGBIRDS realized they were striking this balance, their debut EP NO SYMMETRY came to life. 

The five songs that make up No Symmetry reflect the band’s musical balance while also marking a snapshot of their collective arrival in this specific time and place. Produced by Tom Beaujour (Nada Surf) and Those Mockingbirds, the EP has a dual meaning. “No Symmetry has a dual meaning. “When I’m not focused I tend to get caught up looking for symmetry and balance in life, often in the wrong places,” explains Bird. “This title is a reminder that there doesn’t ALWAYS have to be symmetry in everything. Secondly, its somewhat of a Zen concept that I came upon, in the sense that in the human mind we search for symmetry to relate to experiences easier and be able to categorize things more efficiently, though the title is also the antithesis of Zen, which is all about balance.” 

To coincide with the upcoming digital release of No Symmetry, THOSE MOCKINGBIRDS have announced a spring tour that launched April 1 in Danbury, CT. Upcoming confirmed tour dates include:


Apr 16 2010

Lower Paxton Youth Center

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Apr 17 2010

The Mezzanine

Salisbury, Maryland

Apr 24 2010

The Fire

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Apr 26 2010

The Darjeeling Cafe

Staunton, Virginia

Apr 28 2010

Greene Street Club

Greensboro, North Carolina

Apr 29 2010

Longbranch Saloon

Knoxville, Tennessee

Apr 30 2010

Common Ground (Acoustic Set)

Lexington, Kentucky

May 1 2010

YMCA Annex

Lima, Ohio

May 8 2010


Hoboken, New Jersey

May 26 2010

Bloc 11 Cafe

Somerville, Massachusetts

May 28 2010

Rock Saga

Negril, Jamaica

May 29 2010

Rock Saga

Negril, Jamaica

May 30 2010

Rock Saga

Negril, Jamaica


The bigger picture for THOSE MOCKINGBIRDS is telling of what it is that makes up the band’s ability to effortlessly strike their musical balance with intimate themes and a purpose that has depth. “We want to get across that rock n roll should be personal and meaningful,” Bird explicates. "It should be real. It needs to be dangerous. Most importantly, not everything needs to be perfect. Rock n roll is about what is coming out of your heart at any given moment."


NO SYMMETRY will be released digitally on April 20, 2010 and in stores June 8, 2010 from LE Records/SideCho Media.




For more information, contact:

Alex Mohler

SideCho Media/Bridgeport West