Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Expanding Local Business Opens Collaborative Workspace in Asbury Park

Merchandise company Bands on a Budget opens “Cowerks” to fellow entrepreneurs, freelancers, and artists.

July 9, 2010
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Asbury Park, NJ-- It's hard to have missed the buzz about Asbury Park's recent uprising. Those who live in or frequent the area have seen a drastic increase in new businesses opening up, musicians blowing up, and traffic creeping up to the “City by the Sea”. It has truly become a breeding ground for everything creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial. Local business owners Danny Croak and Bret Morgan have thrived on Asbury Park's Mattison Ave for over 2 years, specializing in affordable merchandise for bands and retailers with their company Bands on a Budget. While outgrowing their humble storefront shared with the design experts at M Studio, Bret and Danny jumped at the opportunity to move to the newly vacated storefront next door; a beautiful, open and airy office more than twice the size of the previous space. After a month of set-up, they've opened their doors to the rest of Jersey Shore's commuters, vacationers, artists, freelancers, budding entrepreneurs and local professionals.

The idea in itself isn't completely groundbreaking; we've seen collaborative workspaces in cities across the country, but this is the first of its kind in the New Jersey shore area. Typically, these shared workspaces are created for small businesses and freelancers to relieve the stress and overhead of running their own office space. However, few of these workspaces offer exactly what Bands on a's newest endeavor Cowerks has made available: location, flexibility, and lifestyle. Involvement in this project is safe for the commitment-weary, suitable for workers who place a high value on a good vibe, and it's a perfect fit for both vacationers and locals who want to spare themselves a commute. Understanding one's reluctance to sign a year lease on a shared space, the owners of Cowerks have come up with the most flexible plan they could think of: drop in for a day, week, or month, with no contracts. It's a great set up for those who want a professional place to meet with clients, and the reasonable prices leave little reason to stay in the corner of a loud coffee shop to do work.

Who says a workspace has to be just for work?

The idea to share the office with other like-minded professionals went beyond opening a shared workspace. This space holds the potential for music events, workshops, networking meetings, galleries, and just about any other social event that would take place in bustling Asbury Park. Instead of filling the space with clunky work stations, custom desks were installed that fold flat against the wall, to allow for optimized space for an array of events. Whether you're looking for a place to work, meet, socialize, or network, the door is always open.

Cowerks is located at 630 Mattison Ave in downtown Asbury Park, NJ. For more information and membership rates, please visit, email info [at], or call 866-471-3868.

For more information about Bands on a Budget, please visit or call 866-471-3868.

For press inquiries, please contact Nina Chiminec at nina [at] / 732-701-9045.