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News & Specials: July 2010

Bands On A Budget

Your One Stop Merch Shop Newsletter [July 2010]
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July 2010 News & Specials


Bands on a Budget Opens Collaborative Space for Work and Events

We know you've heard about BandsonaBudget's move to a new office, but there's more to it that we want to bring you in on! Since moving to a space that could eat our old office in half a gulp, we have plenty of extra room to share our space with other businesses, freelancers, and artists. Not only do we offer inexpensive drop-in rates to work here, but we'll also be opening the space up for shows, galleries, and other events. Whether you want to play, book, visit, or work in our office, the door is open. Check out our latest press release about Cowerks here or check out the press in the Tri City News. For more information visit, drop in at 630 Mattison Ave in downtown Asbury Park, or call 866-471-3868.


Introducing new custom products and specials for bands and their fans. This month: guitar picks, ear plugs, and shot glasses.

In other BIG NEWS we've added a very special new product to our roster: CUSTOM GUITAR PICKS. The quality is top knotch, and the price is unbeatable. Whether you want to use them yourselves, sell them at your merch table, or hand them out for promotion, this is an item that's both unique and useful. This may just be our new favorite merch item, and we're pretty sure it'll be yours too.

We offer custom printing on white and color delrin picks. Delrin is a very durable material that produces a nice bright tone.


One sided, one color printing on white OR color picks for $49
Two sided, one color printing on white OR color picks for $69

One sided, full color printing on white picks for $79
Two sided, full color printing on white picks for $119

White picks come in the following gauges: .80mm, 1.00mm, & 1.26mm. For color derlin picks, the colors are determined by the guage, and are available in: .50mm, .63mm, .73mm, .88mm, 1.00mm, & 1.14mm.

The second new product we're featuring this month is CUSTOM EARPLUGS. Not only is this great for you, but your fans will thank you when they still have their hearing after the show! There's no better way to practice safe listening while also promoting the band making all that noise. We're offering custom pillow pouches with foam earplugs inside. The front of the pouch has a large imprint area for your logo, while the back has instructions for use!

100 ear plug pouches with foam earplugs for $99 Includes 1 color imprint

Last but not least, we'd like to introduce a product to our roster specifically for our 21+ party bands. Custom shot glasses with your band logo. These shot glasses are clear and plastic, so they're easy to transport in your merch bin. This is the best way for people to remember the name of that awesome band they partied with the night before! And for this price, you can afford some limes to go along with them!

100 shot glasses for $199
Includes 1 color imprint

And now back to last month's specials, continued all summer long (while supplies last)!


What's more refreshing in the summer months than a nice cold soda or beer? Promoting your band! Give your fans something unique to take home, with a custom cozie with your band's logo on it. These collapsable cozies come in 15 different colors, and include 1 color puff ink with your choice of wrap-around printing, a single imprint, or two imprint locations.

Special: $159 for 250 custom cozies. No set up fees! Offer available for a limited time.

Why this works: It's practical. People will actually use this item, and it'll usually be in social situations which means lots of promotion for your band!


We often see bands wearing wristbands while playing, but there's no reason that fans can't indulge in this fashionable and practical product as well. Available in 16 different colors, the wristband is embroidered for a high quality look and feel.

Special: $119 for 72 wristbands No set up fees! Offer available for a limited time.

Why this works: They're fashionable and can be worn just for fun. They're also practical and can be used as a sweatband at shows, sports, etc.

Trucker hats

Band shirts are classic, but if you're looking for some apparel to sell to your fans that's a little different and maybe gives even better visibility, we've got an idea for you! Trucker hats. They're stylish, have great ventilation for the summer, and a big open space to screen print your logo onto. Available in 6 colors and includes 1 color ink screenprinting.

Special: $129 for 24 trucker hats No set up fees! Offer available for a limited time.

Why this works: They're cool, people actually wear them, and your band name or logo will have amazing visibility.

Beach balls

Why this works: You can use them as an interactive part of your show! Throw them out from on stage, or let your fans purchase them at your merch table, and watch them bounce around the crowd as you play. Obviously you can use them at the beach too, or anywhere people have fun playing with balls! The best part is, every time someone sees the beach ball, they'll see the name of your band. Plus, you'll always be associated with a good time! This 16” multicolor beachball includes 1 color ink on 1 panel.

Special: $319 for 250 beach balls No set up fees! Offers available for a limited time.

Why it works: People can have fun with these, both at shows and on the beach. Always with your band in mind!


The style of the 80s is back, and neon glasses are no exception! The only thing that could make these sunglasses cooler, is to have your band name printed on the side. Take advantage of this special and shade the eyes of your hippest fans! Available in 6 tubular colors.

Special: $299 for 250 sunglasses No set up fees! Offer available for a limited time.

Why this works: You're advertising your band on people's faces.

Refer a friend and get 5% off

If you're in a band, you know bands. We want to help you get more merch for less money, so we'll make you a deal! You'll get 5% off of one future order for every band you send our way. Referral credits can only be applied to one order at a time, and the band HAS to mention that you referred them upon contacting us. What easier way to save some loot than to point your fellow bands to for quality affordable merchandise!? It's a winning situation for everyone.

Twitter Contest: WIN FREE STICKERS!

Who doesn't love a contest where you can win free stuff, with very little effort? This month, we want to use Twitter to give you some free stickers. It's simple. First, follow BandsonaBudget on Twitter. Then all you have to do is take a picture of your band's current sticker and tweet it to @bandsonabudget. It can be on a wall, on gear, at a show, practice, or on the back of your band mate. It doesn't matter who printed your stickers, we just want as many pictures tweeted to us as possible! Make sure you post it in your update with @bandsonabudget, not in a private message. The band that sends us the most pictures will get 500 free stickers (stickers are vinyl, on a roll, include one color ink and your choice of the following sizes: 1x1, 1"circle, 1x3, 1.5x3, 2x2, 2"circle, 1.25x3.5). The contest goes til the end of July. Good luck!! You can also order your own custom roll stickers at

Support a Local

We love supporting local bands and jump at an opportunity to do so whenever we can. We're asking you to join us in an effort to help our friends Last Perfect Thing obtain a once in a lifetime experience to play some HUGE shows in NYC. Last Perfect Thing is in the WRXP 101.9 and Cabo Wabo "Your Shot to Rock" contest. Please visit and vote! You can vote more than once so please do! Thanks for supporting a fellow band, and let us know if you need support for your next big break!

Introducing Anvil Soft Style T's

Last but not least, we'd like to introduce our newest soft style t-shirt! This high quality, yet affordable tee is a great alternative to American Apparel. The soft quality and great fit makes it a shirt that fans will be happy to wear over and over again.


Other Current Specials

Digital Download Cards

Static Download Cards
Our most budget-minded option, static download cards, are full color, front and back, and feature a uniform 'static' code on the entire set. These cards are perfect for giving away in lieu of demos or as promotional items and are recyclable.

Conventional Download Cards
Digital download cards are manufactured from high quality plastic, cardboard, or recycled paper and can be used to distribute mp3s and digital content to your fans.

Each download card has a web address and a unique code that unlocks the content within.

Whether you use them as a replacement for compact disc, package them with vinyl, or give them away at events, download cards are the perfect way to digitally distribute all of your music and media.

To place an order contact us.

Static Data Download Card, Full Color Front, Full Color Back
500- $89
1000- $99
2500- $199
Add 1000 Static Download Cards For $79 to any order including specials.

30mm Plastic Full Color Font, 1 Color Back
500- $235
1000- $385
2500- $750

30mm Cardboard Full Color Front, 1 Color Back
500- Call
1000- $460
2500- $950
5000- $1700

Recycled Paper 12pt, Full Color Front, 1 Color Back
500- $235
1000- $385
2500- $750
5000- $1200

50 11x17 Posters: $69 (full color, 1 sided)
100 11x17 Posters: $99 $89 (full color, 1 sided)
5000 4x6 Postcards: $169 (full color, 2 sided, UV Gloss)
We also print Business Cards, Brochures, Booklets, CD Inserts, and Much More.
Venues/Promoters/Brokers - we can handle all your flyering/print marketing.

To place an order contact us.
Vinyl Banners
4x2 Full Color: $49
8x2 Full Color: $99
6'x2' - $75, 5'x3' - $85, 6'x3' - $110, 6'x4' - $136, Custom Sizes Available
13 oz Vinyl All Prices Include Hems & Grommets. For other sizes please visit

24 White Shirts Only: $99
* 100% Cotton Gildan, Haynes, or Anvil, Includes 1 Color Print, Screen, and Set Up

Brands and styles include American Apparel, American Apparel Organic, Adidas,Alternative Apparel, Anvil, Anvil Organic, Bella, Champion, Dickies, Fruit Of The Loom, Flexfit Hats, Gildan, Haynes, Izod, Jerzees, Tultex,And Many More
We also can print Hats, Tanks, & More!

24 Pull Over Hooded Sweatshirts $12.15 Each
1 Color Print
Available In 25 Colors!!!
Zip Ups add $3.00 Each
We also can print American Apparel, Organic, Track Jackets, Windbreakers, & More!

Short-Run Full Color CD Packages
1 Color Screen Printed Sleeves with Full Color Duplicated Disc
100 - $229.00
2 Color Screen Printed Sleeves with Full Color Duplicated Disc
100 - $299.00
For full pricing information, visit
Need 1000 pieces or more? We also offer very competitive pricing on large runs as well.

To place an order contact us.

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