Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Set Times & Bios for Yoga Festival By The Sea

Yoga Festival By The Sea: Music Schedule

Date: Saturday September 18th
Setup: 9:30 AM
Location: Corner of Mattison and Cookman Ave in downtown Asbury Park

Set Times:
11-11:45 McRad
12-12:45 Rahul Acharya, Odissi Dancer
1-1:45 TBA
2-2:45 Laura Monzo
3-3:45 Emory Street
4-4:45 Blackout Stereo/Nikki Sue
5-5:45 Janet Labelle
6-7:00 Kirtan with Lisa Brodrick/Yoji Ananda


McRad (11:00AM)
Like Bad Brains, McRad started as an '80s hardcore band that specialized in speed punk and dabbled in metal, reggae, and jazz. As the sport of skateboarding became increasingly popular, they became favorites in the West Coast scene, despite their roots in Philly. In 1982, soon after skater Chuck Treece became sponsored (with the help of Bones Brigade mastermind Stacy Peralta), he formed the hardcore punk group McRad with fellow skater Zeke Zagar. The skate world and the band's thrashing music intersected after Beware Records released the band's first LP, Absence of Sanity, in 1987 and Powell Peralta used a few songs for a soundtrack used in the Savannah Slamma Contest. From there, Peralta invited Treece to do music for the skate videos Ban This, Propaganda, and Public Domain. The last was a street-skate sensation that gave the band major exposure, featuring the songs "Weakness" and "McShred" played over black-and-white footage of teen prodigies Ray Barbee, Steve Saiz, and Eric Sanderson ollieing down staircases and over fire hydrants. With the decline of Treece's professional skate career, the band devolved, and when Bad Brains frontman H.R. left the band in 1989, Treece auditioned; although he didn't get the spot, he did gain a friendship with the band and filled in for drummer Mackie Jayson when he left the Brains a few years later. After three tours, he spent his time in the groups Urge Overkill, Underdog, and the Mosquitoes while working as a session musician and pursuing solo endeavors. In 2007, the band returned with FDR, named after one of Treece's favorite Philadelphia skate locations.

Rahul Acharya (12:00PM)
Rahul Acharya’s performances are treasured the world over for their beauty, artistry, technical skill, and the spiritual force with which they are imbued. Rahul began his study of Odissi at the tender age of 4 with Guru Durga Charan Ranbir – the foremost torch-bearer of the Guru Deb Prasad Das style. In 2009, Mr. Acharya was the first male Odissi dancer to be honored with the Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar award from the Government of India.

Internationally renowned as a virtuosic artist, he has performed all over the globe – in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Central America, and throughout the United States. Rahul has danced extensively in India, participating in many of the most celebrated festivals. In 2010 he received the honor of being a soloist in the Khajuraho Dance Festival.

Mr. Acharya has conducted numerous workshops and seminars. These have included lecture demonstrations at premier national institutes (IIT, IIM, IISc). He has upcoming engagements at Princeton University, Columbia, and New York University.

Rahul is part of UNESCO’s International Dance Council. Since 2003, he has been an Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Empanelled Artist. He coauthored an authoritative book on Jagannatha Puri in 2009 and is currently working on a definitive volume about Odissi dance.

Laura Monzo (2:00PM)
Laura Monzo in a paragraph is impossible, but we can try. The basics – she’s 25, she’s a talented singer-songwriter based in NYC. A brunette. Now the tough part: the insides. She’s warm, weird, youthful, tempestuous, compassionate, willful, hormonal, deeply spiritual, jaundiced and jaded, wide-eyed and pure-hearted, good, bad, introverted, extroverted, petty and girlish, ponderously deep, joyous, moody, loving, angry, depressed, sunny, funny, sweet. Confused. Her music encapsulates and amplifies this mixed-up, effed-up emotional bricolage, laying it on an insanely catchy sonic bed of hook-filled pop rock. Check out her aptly-named debut EP “Manic” or see her live for a better idea. Maybe you can figure her out…

Emory Street (3:00PM)
My name's Chris Brown. I perform under the name Emory St. I've been writing songs since I picked up the guitar. I try to put all of me, my life, and experiences into my music, while telling some stories along the way

Blackout Stereo/Nikki Sue (4:00PM)

Blackout Stereo
Members: Jesse Wolf-vocals/guitar Chris Manning-guitar Matt Brewster-bass Mark Pugliese-drums Influences: Social Distortion-Bruce Springsteen-Hot Water Music-Johnny Cash-Face to Face-The Replacements-The Clash-Rancid Sounds Like: Punk'n'Roll Record Label: Faction Zero Records

Nikki Sue
Remember that cute girl in the library? She plays guitar and sings too!

Influences: Neil Young, Buddy Holly, Billie Holiday, Hope Sandoval, Feist, Laura Marling, The Avett Brothers, Langhorne Slim, Etta James, Jenny Lewis, Rivers Cuomo, Camera Obscura, Elliott Smith, Ben Folds, Laura Nyro, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan

www: http://www.facebook.com/nikkisuemusic

Janet Labelle (5:00PM)
New Jersey artist Janet Labelle is back and sharper than ever with her newest disk titled Moon Songs, a five song EP exploring the waters of pop tinged soul, girl powered alt-rock and the fire fueled world that she continues to light up. Janet was once the lead singer of Avery, a great Jersey band with promise and talent that broke up a few years back, dissipating into Shoreworld history.

I always love a survivor. The artist that crawls out of the wreckage of the past while retaining their vision of creation, moving into the next new phase of adventure with the resolve of a winner, in a business that always tells you you’ll never make it out alive. Janet is one of those people. She’s been writing songs ever since the tender age of seven when she penned her first 4-chord ditty about how much she loved to sleep.

Whether she’s a sleep junkie still or not, Janet’s voice is anything but tired, soaring free and easy, at times just completely letting go and hitting great over toned sweet spots along the lines of Fiona Apple. She explores the sound of the sixties without falling into the pit of copycats. Her writing has matured as well and I hear smart arrangement choices throughout the disc. Moon Songs is strung together theme wise as well, which is kind of cool. Evan Taylor did a bang up job with the production, layering and setting up direction and sound with an eye towards pure continuity. Recorded in three different studios, Moon Songs manages to retain a smooth and focused sound from start to finish.

Kirtan with Lisa Brodrick & Yoji Ananda (6:00PM)

Lisa Brodrick is an RYT 500hr with Yoga Alliance, Radiant Child Yoga Trainer & teacher, and an Early Childhood educator in Asbury Park. She believes that each day is an opportunity to play and celebrate the joy of life. Lisa will be sharing Kirtan which is a form of devotional yoga. Through the chanting of mantra we have the opportunity to open our hearts to the endless ocean of joy and love that is our true divine nature. Lisa feels that Kirtan is best described below by Krishna Das:

"These Names(mantras) are the sound of the surf of the Ocean of Love. They hold the power to help us find our way back to that ocean. We don't have to create anything; we don't have to manufacture any emotions or feelings. We can't make it happen. It already is. All we have to do is Remember. Everyone has their own path to this beach, to the Ocean, but we all wind up in the same place. There is only one...One." * *Krishna Das

Singer/songwriter Yoji Ananda (also known as Yolanda Fleming) has been making music and performing she was 5. Her upcoming CD titled "Brahmalicious", is a mix of original Yoga Chant/Devotional music composed with sonic hooks to help you learn life-changing mantras. She is also a belly dance instructor and massage therapist at Brahma Yoga Spa, Sea Bright.