Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Come Beta Test Our New IndieCard Platform

Since we launched IndieCards a year and a half ago we've gotten a lot of great feedback from y'all. You'll be glad to hear that we've been quietly working on an entirely new platform for the last several months and will be launching it with our new website shortly before the new year.

Without giving away too much, we will be incorporating live streaming audio and video, expiring codes, custom questions, and a suite of report generating tools so you can get detailed information from your listeners and customers.

We are currently looking for a group of beta testers to help test, review, and iron our any bugs that might exist. If you are interested in helping out and getting involved please email [info] at [bandsonabudget.com].

Update: Indicards are now live and can be seen at https://www.bandsonabudget.com/products/indiecard-digital-download-cards.