Saturday, January 25th, 2014

New From - E-commerce stores and fulfillment service for your band.

January 25th, 2011
for immediate release:

We began

focusing on Affordable Merchandising for Musicians.

We progressed

by creating Indiecards, A Revolutionary Digital Download Platform to market your band or business.

We've arrived

at a place where we can now offer E-commerce stores and fulfillment service for bands.

Asbury Park based music-merchandise start-up,, is pleased to announce the release of online web stores for bands. Not only can bands order their merch through, they can now sell it through the site too. This week marked the launch of the debut store for emerging artist, River City Extension of Toms River, NJ. Bands and fans are welcome to browse the store at Look like something you’d be interested in for yourself? is currently accepting applications for beta-testers, which is suggested for bands, clothing companies, artists, and local businesses who want their own merch store on our platform. Before we allow for open enrollment sign ups starting this spring, we will offer first priority to our existing customers.

For more info visit and request to be a part of the beta program.