Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

BandsOnABudget.com Logo/Media Kit

BandsOnABudget.com/Merchwerks LLC Branding/Logo Guidelines

Download Logo and Branding Kit Here

The following is meant as a guide to how and what logo to use in a particular situation. Please not that we are VERY particular to our branding and ask that you abide by the following guidelines.

1) Under no circumstance are you permitted to alter, re-color, rescale, pixelate, or otherwise change our logo.

We’ve invested a great deal of time and money into our branding and it is very, very important to us that our logo is used in a consistent manner.

We have provided a "Stacked" version of the logo for uses where a square logo is best and an "Unstacked" version where you are limited by vertical space.

2) Our preferred version of the logo is then 2-color "stacked" and you should attempt to use that in all situations prior to using other versions.

In cases where our background is similar to your background please use the black and white version of the logo. Under no circumstance are you permitted to add a stroke, background color, or knock it out without prior approval from us.

3) Our business should appear as BandsOnaBudget.com on any marketing materials.

Please note the "camel case" capitalization of the name. Also note that there are no spaces and we are not referred to as "Bands On A Budget" or any other variation.

4) If you have any questions or concerns about a paricular use please do not hesitate to contact bret [at] bandsonabudget.com.