Thursday, March 17th, 2011

How to Place a T-shirt or Apparel Order on

Shopping on has become faster and easier than ever. Need a quote on a specific color, style, and quantity of shirts? There's no need to wait; you can do it instantly on the Bands on a Budget instant quote generator. Here is a simple step by step process for placing a t-shirt order with Bands on a Budget, from start to finish.

  1. Go to From here, you'll have a number of options to select from. Start with the Garment Type. Do you want a standard cotton band t-shirt? Something a little softer and more fitted? Perhaps you're looking for a sweatshirt or ladies tank top. Go ahead and select the general garment type from the drop down menu.
    T-shirt Quote Generator
  2. Select the Brand/Style of which particular shirt you'd like to order. An image will be displayed below each selection so you can get an idea of what that style looks like. Use the arrows beside the image to see other color options for this style.
  3. Choose the color shirt you'd like to print on. Again, you can scroll through the shirt gallery using the arrows next to the shirt image to see the different color options. When selecting a color, keep in mind what ink colors you plan to use for your design. For example, if you want the image to pop, choose a contrasting color for the apparel, such as a black shirt for a white design.
  4. Select your shirt sizes. If you want to get a quote for a total number and don't know your size breakdown yet, feel free to put the total number in one of the size options. You can always change this before finalizing your order. Keep in mind that XXL and XXXL shirts are slightly more expensive, so if you don't plan to order those sizes, leave those boxes blank when getting your quote.
  5. Determine the number of print locations. What this means is: how many different spots are you going to be printing on your apparel? For example, if you want to print a design on the front of a shirt, and your band's website on the back, that would count as 2 locations. Likewise, if you want to print a record label logo on the sleeve of your shirt, and another design on the front, that would also count as 2 locations. However, the maximum screen size is 13”x17”, so if you want to print a design on the top of a shirt, with your band's website towards the bottom of the shirt, that would only count as 1 location.
  6. Select the number of colors being printed in each of the locations we discussed in #5. If you're printing on a black shirt, and your design is red, white and black, you only need to screen print 2 colors. Each color has it's own screen, so imagine every color on a separate layer when trying to figure this out. Feel free to ask someone at Bands on a Budget to take a look at your artwork if you're having a hard time determining your number of ink colors.
  7. Click the “Get My Estimate” button. This will show you the total cost of your order (less tax and shipping) for your apparel and screen charges. If you would like to place the order, continue to the next page by clicking “Place This Order”. You will not be prompted to enter credit card information yet.
    Quote Generator: Estimate
  8. You will now be asked to enter your contact information. This automatically creates an account for you on, where you can log in to upload your artwork. The details of your oder will be submitted and you will receive an instant email with your account username and password, as well as a response from the sales rep. The sales representative will make sure you have all of the information you need before paying for your order, as well as provide you with an invoice.
  9. Place the order. To upload your artwork, log into your Bands on a Budget account and and upload your artwork under the “Artwork Upload” section. To pay your invoice, go to Once the artwork and payment have been submitted, you will receive a proof. The proof is a mock up photo of your artwork on a t-shirt, to ensure that you're happy with the sizing and placement before we print. Once you approve the proof, your shirts will go into production and be finished printing in 5-7 business days. When they are finished, you can either pick them up in our Asbury Park office, or have them shipped to your address.

We look forward to working with you! For more information, you can check out our FAQ page or contact us here.