Monday, April 18th, 2011

Custom Pint Glasses and Pink Picks NOW AVAILBLE!

At Bands on a Budget, we like to mix things up a bit.  In addition to the staples like t-shirts and stickers, we want to give bands an opportunity to make really unique merchandise to represent their band.  Whether you're giving these items away or selling them at your merch table, you might as well make a statement and give fans something to remember (aside from your music of course).

Custom Pint Glasses

This month we welcome two new products to the roster.  First, custom pint glasses.  A fun, yet practical merchandise item. Fans can be reminded of your band every time they take a sip of milk out of this quality glass with your logo permanently imprinted on it. With prices this low and quality this high, you can sell these puppies for a pretty penny and use the profit to afford that new mic stand or t-shirt order you've been dreaming about.  The glasses are 16 oz and are available with a 1 sided, 2 sided, or wraparound imprint, all for the same price.  Mosey on by the new Pint Glass webpage for prices, photos, and more details on this shiny new item.  To give you an idea of how awesome these prices are: 72 pint glasses with 1 color imprint for $180.  No set up fees!
Custom Pint Glasses
The second newbie we'd like to acquaint you with are custom pink guitar picks.  We've been offering white picks and various other colors for a few months, but this new color takes the cake.  If you're looking for a really fun promotional item to throw into the crowd, sell at your merch table, or simply keep all to yourself to rock out with, we highly recommend these quality pink delrin guitar picks.  They come in 3 different gauge options: .50mm, .80mm, and 1.00mm and can accommodate a black imprint on either 1 side or two.  As always, prices are low and turnaround is quick.  Get 100 custom pink picks with 1 sided, black imprint for $49. 
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