Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

New products - Custom Carabiners, Pink Picks, Pint Glasses & More News and Specials [May 2011]

May 2011 News & Specials

Spring has finally sprung, and we're inspired to let new products blossom this month! From custom pint glasses, to pink picks and custom carabiners, if you're looking for a unique promotional product that your fans will get repetitive use out of, you've come to the right place. With some great shows and a brand new art gallery coming through, May is sure to bring lots of good times through the doors of BandsonaBudget.com for you to enjoy.

New product *SPECIAL*! Custom Carabiners!
This is something that's a little different... but with a great price point and a high usability, what's not to love about this product? Introducing custom carabiners. Other bands, fans, or even someone just working at a venue you're playing at may find use for your unique promotional product. Whether they're used as a keychain or something completely different, they're always useful to have around, and with your band name screen printed onto the side, it'll be hard for the person using it to forget about how much they love your music!
150 Custom Carabiners with a 1 color, 1 side imprint for $150. No set up fees!

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Bands on a Budget Welcomes Two New Products to the Line Up: Custom Pint Glasses and Pink Picks!

Picks and Pint Glasses

At Bands on a Budget, we like to mix things up a bit. In addition to the staples like t-shirts and stickers, we want to give bands an opportunity to make really unique merchandise to represent their band. Whether you're giving these items away or selling them at your merch table, you might as well make a statement and give fans something to remember (aside from your music of course).

This month we welcome two new products to the roster. First, custom pint glasses. A fun, yet practical merchandise item. Fans can be reminded of your band every time they take a sip of milk out of this quality glass with your logo permanently imprinted on it. With prices this low and quality this high, you can sell these puppies for a pretty penny and use the profit to afford that new mic stand or t-shirt order you've been dreaming about. The glasses are 16 oz and are available with a 1 sided, 2 sided, or wraparound imprint, all for the same price. Mosey on by the new Pint Glass page for prices, photos, and more details on this shiny new item. To give you an idea of how awesome these prices are:

72 pint glasses with 1 color imprint for $180. No set up fees!

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The second newbie we'd like to acquaint you with are custom pink guitar picks. We've been offering white picks and various other colors for a few months, but this new color takes the cake. If you're looking for a really fun promotional item to throw into the crowd, sell at your merch table, or simply keep all to yourself to rock out with, we highly recommend these quality pink delrin guitar picks. They come in 3 different gauge options: .50mm, .80mm, and 1.00mm and can accommodate a black imprint on either 1 side or two. As always, prices are low and turnaround is quick.

100 custom pink picks with 1 sided, black imprint for $49. No set up fees!

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How to Get by with High Gas Prices as a Band on the Road

Gas Prics

No matter where you are in the country, or what stage of touring and playing shows your band is at, we know that you're feeling this gas price rise... hard. Breaking even on the road is difficult enough to do with expenses being low, but with such a high price to get from show to show, we have a few suggestions for getting by without having to curb your touring or going into debt to do it. And hey, with the money you save, you could be buying more merchandise, and making more money to get you through life on the road!
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Emerging Artist Interviews

Blacktop Kids

This month, we're featuring a few great up-and-coming artists with our Emerging Artist Interview Series. Find out which musicians the Blacktop Kids would be most comfortable with their moms dating, or read about Tom Dunphy's most memorable music moment. To get your band featured on BandsonaBudget.com please contact Nina@BandsonaBudget.com to fill out an Emerging Artist Interview.

Blacktop Kids
Imaginary War

What are IndieCards and how do they work?


Digital download cards are a great way to promote or sell your music. The product is a physical card, similar to a business or credit card, with your band's artwork on the front, and a website and promo code on the back. Bands can either hand out these cards as promotional items, or sell them in lieu of CDs. When the current or potential fan gets the card, they will follow the link on the back of the card, which will direct them to your own download page, hosted on the BandsonaBudget.com website. They will be asked to enter the promo code on the back of the card, which is essentially a password to unlock material that you've uploaded on this webpage. The content that they can download is entirely up to you, the band. They can download songs, photos, and videos, as well as learn about the band, upcoming shows, your websites, etc; anything that you've made available to them.
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New Exhibit Opening at Bands on a Budget/Cowerks Storefront on May 7th

Graveyard Atlantic

When most people think of the shore, thoughts of sunny days, beach umbrellas and sandy beaches come to mind. For others, there is a trace of horror. Inspired by local history and lore from the late 1800s and early 1900s, GraveyardAtlantic brings to Asbury Park a series of hand drawn artwork that comes out of a time where people used to die in the Atlantic. Mixed with the artists' background of comics and horror movies, viewers will get to see a portrayal of ideas that stem from the ocean through story and illustration. Take these historic and morbid angles and intertwine them with the lifestyle of East Coast Surfing, and you have one unique art show. On Saturday May 7th, Asbury Park's first Saturday will mark the opening of the GraveYardAtlantic art show at the Bands on a Budget storefront, located at 630 Mattison Ave in downtown Asbury Park. The event begins at 7pm, is all ages, and has no admission fee. Live music TBA. For more information on GraveYardAtlantic, please go to GraveYardAtlantic.com.