Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

5 Unique Uses for Indiecard Digital Download Cards

Most people have heard of digital download cards being used for the distribution of music (if you haven'teven heard of digital downlaod cards, learn about our IndieCards here). However, when you think of this product as a platform for others to unlock content from, the horizons quickly begin to broaden. With the capability of hosting videos, documents, photos, music, and any other type of file you want to make available, users can take advantage of this versatile platform across a wide spectrum. Here are 5 ways that you could use IndieCards- for musicians and beyond. Once you realize the potential for hosting your content on our platform, you can choose from a variety of physical cards to distribute your link and code. From paper, plastic, recyclable, to all-digital, IndieCards has a solution for you.

Music. We'll start with the obvious one; the avenue that most download card platforms started off with. As physical CDs continue to phase out into the more popular digital mediums, digital download cards have become a great solution to distributing something digital in an un-invasive physical form. Musicians can sell or hand out these business card-sized IndieCards with a link on the back, leading their fans to a page that has all sorts of content to unlock with their unique code; songs, photos, websites, tour dates, etc. IndieCards also go hand in hand with the returning popularity of vinyl records; many bands couple this old school format with a more digital-friendly IndieCard, so fans can still access the music on their computers in addition to their turntables.

Video. Have a short video you're trying to distribute? Want to spread around a movie trailer for an upcoming film you're promoting? IndieCards are a great way to distribute videos. Used the same way that bands would use them for music, fans would simply follow the link on the back of the card, enter their promo code, and be able to download your video right on the spot. This is a great way to keep your footage exclusive, but accessible.

E-book. Independent publishing is on the rise, and with many different resources available for authors these days, we figured we'd throw in one more. Because IndieCards are used to spread around a link containing content to download, there's no reason a writer couldn't use the IndieCard platform to make their e-book available to their readers. Whether you're adding short stories, clips, or your entire award-winning novel, we can accommodate your talents and give you a way to digitally distribute your independently published e-book- with no strings attached.

Portfolio. Looking for a unique, cutting-edge way to represent yourself as an artist, prospective employee, producer, etc? IndieCards can be used as a platform to host your portfolio; from video clips you've created, photos (great for photographers, artists, and models), music (hello musicians, producers, engineers), and documents (resumes anyone?). This form of distributing your portfolio sure beats your standard sheet of paper!

EPK. The electronic press kit. A forward-thinking way of promoting your band to record labels, publishing companies, etc. Once you have your EPK produced and ready to be sent out, what distribution technique can you use that doesn't cancel out the innovative nature of your product? Sending a CD or a link via email might get it where it has to go, but it's not going to make you stand out. Instead, try distributing a full color, glossy card that has a link and promo code to download your EPK. It's innovative, it's easy, and it gets the job done while representing your creative and cutting-edge nature accurately.