Friday, July 1st, 2011

Give your Merch Table a Creative Makeover with Five Unique Merchandise Ideas

Looking for something a little bit different to offer your fans? We fully support that idea! In fact, we think that adding a unique promo product to your merchandise roster will go far in setting you apart in a world filled with lots of great musicians. Whether you're giving them away or selling them at your merch table, give fans something to hold onto, that they'll be really psyched to hold onto. Here are just five ideas- but remember, anything you can think of, we can most likely make for you. So put on the old thinking cap and use these suggestions as a launching point!

1. Sunglasses
Can you think of a more useful item for the summer than sunglasses? These 80-style plastic sunglasses are available in a variety of colors, sporting your band's logo on one arm. With such a low price break, they're great to give away for promotion or sell at your merch table. The best part of these? You get to advertise your band on your fans' faces! Buy now!

2. Guitar Picks
Many people have the misconception that only largely famous or sponsored musicians have their own custom guitar picks. Not anymore! Select from your choice of pick gauge, and get your logo imprinted onto them. You can use them yourself, give them out, or sell them. No matter what you decide to do with them, it'll be awesome that you have them. Buy now!

3. IndieCards
Though this is a popular product for, it's still an innovative and somewhat new one in the world of merchandise. Keep up with shifting technology by coupling your vinyl record or CD with a digital download card. These are also great to give out as a demo/promo instead of spending a ton on getting CDs printed up. And chances are, if you're handing out IndieCards, you'll have a better chance of people holding onto them than CDs. Find out more and decide which IndieCard is right for you.

4. Pint Glasses
Now here's an item that's as classy as it is unique: high-quality, 16oz pint glasses with your band's logo printed on the side. Not a ton of bands have done it, but the ones that have certainly stand out. Every time your fans reach into their cupboard to pull out your custom pint glass, they'll be reminded how much they like your music. And with a low price break, you can sell these for a few bucks a piece and make yourselves a pretty penny! Gas money's gotta come from somewhere! Find out more about pint glasses.

5. Beverage Coozies
Looking for something different, fun, inexpensive, and useful to represent your band? Another summertime favorite are beverage coozies. Keep that fresh one or soda nice and chilled while promoting your band in style! These collapsable coozies are as convenient and useful as they are unique and cool. Find out more about custom coozies.