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1,000 4x6 postcards for $79 with Free Shipping

250 Can Coolies FOR $169

5' x 3' Vinyl Banner (Full Color) for $59

100 Custom Color Guitar Picks

150 Promotional Sunglasses for $239

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4"x4" Stickers
square or circle
Includes 1 Color Ink
Stickers Come on a Roll
Buy Online for Just $98.00

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What Type of Merch Should I Make For My Band?

There are tons and tons of merch products you could create for your band... all which serve their own purpose. From products like t-shirts and can cozies to sell behind the merch table, to promotional items such as postcards and posters to promote upcoming shows, there’s a huge variety of merchandise to choose from. While we encourage creativity and versatility in merch creation, this month, we’re going back to basics. Before stocking up on playing cards with your band member’s faces, or other fun chachkies, we recommend investing in the essentials, which we consider to be: a vinyl banner, stickers, and IndieCards. Here’s why...

A vinyl banner is a must for behind the merch table and as a backdrop on stage. For the merch table, it tells fans WHERE you are, and for behind the stage, to tell fans WHO you are. Take advantage of the prime location you have to promote yourselves and use up every square foot of it! The best part is, banners aren’t expensive, and always include full color printing, hems, and grommets for easy hanging.

Stickers are another basic for promotion and branding. You can sell them at your merch table, stick them on just about anything, and also use them as labels. If you want to brand something with your band to give out or sell, such as surf wax, bottled water, or even hair spray (these have all been done believe it or not!), simply slap a sticker on it, and you’ve got a unique promo item for your band. Guitar cases, amps, merch bins, the guy selling your merch- cover them all! The more exposure your band name/logo have, the more you will stick out in fans’ heads.

Lastly, IndieCards. The innovative, essential, new form of sharing music. And what’s more important than getting your music out? We know many bands are still manufacturing CDs, but with less and less people owning CD players, these are a great alternative for selling or handing out your music. No larger than a business card, fans (and potential fans) can put your IndieCard right in their pocket to take home. And you can login online at anytime to control the page where your fans go to download your content. At around 10% the cost of making CDs, you can even afford to hand them as a way of promoting your music instead of selling them simply to recoup expenses!

Emerging Artist Interviews- get featured!!

Each month, features a few artists who have participated in the Emerging Artist Interview series. Basically, you answer a few fun interview questions online, send us your bio, link, and a photo, and we will feature you on our website! Who would want to pass up free press like that? To get your hands on the interview questions, please email Nina [at] BandsonaBudget [dot] com.

What Customers Are Saying

"Helpful and friendly staff that pays very close attention to every detail of your order. Staff genuinely cares about getting your order right exactly the way you want it, not what is easiest or most convenient for them. Overall it was a very good experience from start to finish. I will absolutely be taking my next order to them." (Jonathan Butler, Harvard University)

"What do you like most about Personable staff... availability of staff... creativity of staff." (Jo Wymer)

"The staff was great. There was a problem with our graphics that they worked with us to resolve quickly. And the final product looked spectacular." (Brian Levine of Balance)

"You guys are great. So helpful. I don't think you need to improve anything." (Brian Mull of Crimson Refuge)

Upcoming Events

Nov 5th, 2011 7-10PM
Art Opening "Intuition: The Ultimate Unity" Art Exhibit and Book Signing

Featuring: Artistic Creations by Nicole Cavaluzzi
Photography and Paintins plus new poetry/photography book launch and signing
Music: We Are

Dec 3rd, 2011 7-10PM
Art Opening: Linda Chartier
Music: Chris Brown

Jan 7th, 2011 7-10PM
Art Opening: Ellen Martin
Music: TBA

Feb 4th, 2011 7-10PM
Art Opening: Chris Lucania
Music: TBA
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