Friday, October 21st, 2011

New Art Exhibit with Book Signing, Live Music, and more!

Don't miss another memorable "First Saturday" at Bands on a Budget! Aside from the free music, food, parking and drinks that you’ve come to expect at these events, there will also be an art opening, book signing, and live music! Starting Saturday November 5, 2011, the show titled "Intuition: The Ultimate Unity" will be displayed on the walls of the 630 Mattison Ave storefront. The artistic creator behind the photography and paintings is NIKI, who will also be launching her new poetry/photography book “Intuition: The Ultimate Unity, A Collaboration of Fantasy and Reality Inspired Poems”. The book is currently available online at: Niki will be doing a book signing at this event as well.

Accompanying the art show is live music by We Are.

Bands on a Budget is located at 630 Mattison Ave in downtown Asbury Park. Entrance to this event is free and begins at 7pm.