Friday, December 5th, 2014

How to make the most of your IndieCard

The most important thing to realize when ordering IndieCards digital download cards is that they are a tool; and like most tools, they’re only as effective as how you use them. By ordering IndieCards and setting up your download platform, you have created an innovative and convenient vehicle to distribute your music. But that’s only the first step. To get the most use out of these cards, the next step is very important... delivering that vehicle to your fans. The work (and fun) has only just begun! If you are not familiar with the Bands On A Budget IndieCards, check them our here:

1. Leave a trail and keep IndieCards on hand always
IndieCards can be distributed anywhere there are people- not just at your merch table! If you’re using them for promotion (as opposed to selling in leui of a CD) bring a stack along with you to bars, restaurants, record shops, tattoo parlors, and other shows you attend. Leave them wherever you go- the more visibility your IndieCards get, the more potential fans you’ll reach.

2. Make the delivery personal
In addition to leaving a stack of IndieCards at local hot spots, consider delivering each card in a personal manner. Have a conversation with the person you’re giving the card to, telling them a bit about your music, where you come from, etc. If they invest even a few seconds into getting to know you/your band, they are more likely to take the time to check out your tunes. Always try to think of ways to set yourself apart.

3. Put a dollar value on them
Sometimes, things that are given away for free tend to lack value to the recipients. If you aren’t looking to make a bunch of money off of your IndieCards, but you do want people to hold onto them and consider them to be something valuable (like a physical CD), try selling them for a very low price. Even if someone only spent a quarter on it, they’ll be less likely to toss it without a second thought when they get home.

4. Give them incentive to download your music
Did you know that you can set up your IndieCard page to collect data when users enter the promo code? You can use this to your advantage by offering merch discounts or other incentives to any fans who enter their email address and download a song off of your IndieCard. will even work with you to offer fellow bands a discount on merch from if they download your music and you refer them to us.

5. Package them up
Another way to deliver your IndieCard and give them a seemingly greater value is to package them with other merch items. “Buy a t-shirt and receive a free IndieCard!” or include an IndieCard with your CD or vinyl record, for easier access to the digital files.

6. Make them look more substantial
If you’re worried that IndieCards don’t seem as physically substantial as a CD (especially if you’re selling them), get creative with how you package it. We’ve seen bands put IndieCards in medicine bottles with pins, patches, and stickers; IndieCards sold in pint glasses that read “This Pint Plays Music”, and other creative ideas. You could even do something simple like create a DIY envelope to put them in!