Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

News & Specials - April 2012

Post Photos, Earn IndieCash

Take a picture of the merch you’ve printed with Bands on a Budget- either with a fan wearing it, at your merch table, or wherever. Post it to our twitter - @bandsonabudget - and you will receive $10 IndieCash in your user account towards your next order!

Tips For The Road Weary Road Warrior

Being on tour is fun… for a little while. But when you're on week three, driving through Wyoming in last night's clothes, and wondering when the next time you'll see a gas station is, the glorious musician's dream we all share can become a little taxing. Here are a few tips to keep yourself and the rest of your band feeling good on the road...
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Check out our friends over at GigFunder allows fans to create campaigns to bring you to their cities, then they can pledge money to get you on the road. You'll be playing for your most passionate fans in cities all around the US! GigFunder minimizes the amount of money you have to save up by engaging your fan base directly. You sell tickets in advance and your fans get their dream show in their own city! Their official launch date was just announced: Tuesday, May 8th!