Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Why it Makes Sense to Switch from CDs to IndieCards

For as long as our generation can remember, bands have always written, recorded, then pressed their music onto CDs. It’s been a way to recoup those studio expenses, and more importantly, to distribute music to fans. Over the past several years, technology has guided us away from CD players (portable, in cars, in homes) and the selling of CDs in stores has diminished almost completely (when was the last time you saw a record store?). Knowing this to be true, it’s interesting that it’s still common practice for independent musicians to continue to press CDs. Is it based on habit? A lack of other options? Well don’t worry bands, we’ve got your back. Meet IndieCards.

Why make the switch from CDs to IndieCards? Here are 10 reasons.

1. Keep up with technology.
CDs are going the way of the dinosaur. IndieCards are a way to not only keep up with evolving technology, but actually be innovative with the way you distribute your music. You want fans to actually be able to listen to your music, not just hang it from their rear-view mirror, right?

2. The price is right.
The most basic standard CD package (1 page jewel case) will cost you $1,250. The price for 1,000 Static IndieCards is $99. Need I say more?

3. Afford to use them for promotion
Because of the low price point, you can afford to give them away if you choose to. IndieCards are great for promotion, because what speaks louder than the music itself?

4. They're versitile.
You can use IndieCards as a solution to many different desires and needs. If you want a digital form of your music to include with a vinyl record, or even if you want to include a free track that can be accessed via a QR code on a flyer for a show... there are a TON of different ways IndieCards can be used. Get creative with it, you have plenty of room to.

5. IndieCards are easier to hold on to.
Not only are IndieCards smaller, lighter and easier for you to transport from show to show, but they’re also a lot easier for fans to hold onto than a CD. They can just stick it in their pocket, and it’s there when they get home!

6. You can update your content anytime.
Once music has been pressed into a CD, it’s there forever. So what happens when you write a new song? With IndieCards, you have 24/7 access to the page containing your content, which means you can update the music at any time. You can choose to release a new track each week/month, or swap out one record for another, anytime. All IndieCard orders include a year on our platform and 100MB of space (both which you can upgrade for a small fee if needed).

7. They’re convenient to distribute.
Getting a physical CD to someone can sometimes be a process... packaging it up, going to the post office, paying for postage, then spending a few days in transit. Distributing a link and promo code to your music is convenient for you and it gets your music to your fans instantly.

8. Drive traffic to your website.
With IndieCard widgets, it’s easy to direct fans to your own website to download your content, instead of directing them to the site if you choose to do so. When selling or giving away CDs, there’s no benefit to your website traffic. Hook fans in by giving them a full experience.

9. There are different types of IndieCards to choose from.
There are several different IndieCard options to suit your needs. If you’re giving the cards away, you can opt for Static IndieCards (paper cards with the same promo code on the back of each card). If you want the promo code to expire after a certain number of downloads, you can opt for Dynamic IndieCards which has a unique code on each card. You can also choose plastic IndieCards if you plan to sell them and want to something a little more substantial. Don’t need a physical card at all? We have you covered with the Digital IndieCard, which includes the platform for fans to download your music and an optional .pdf that you can print out yourself with the codes.

10. You can opt to collect information from your fans.
Want to collect email addresses for your newsletter? Find out which song is your fan’s favorite? Set up optional OR mandatory questions that fans can fill in when they enter the promo code to download your music. You’ll have 24/7 access to a spreadsheet with this information, and this data is yours- and only yours.

Want to figure out which IndieCard is right for you? Check out the different features and prices at