Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014


BandZoogle provides us with their steps towards putting on an awesome live show.

So you've booked a show at local venue and your band has some time to relax before the big performance. Unfortunately, relaxation time can't last for too long because there's a lot of preparation that has to be done before the big day.

1. What other bands are playing that night?

Is another band opening for you? Are you the opener? There are many things that need consideration when other bands are playing alongside your band. Playing with other bands can be very fun, and as long as you don't lose sight of your main objectives, it can be very rewarding too. Hopefully, you can tap into the other band's fanbase to expand your own. Plus, you can make some new friends with other bands too!

2. Show Logistics

It's in your benefit for everything to go smoothly throughout the entire night for obvious reasons. You also want to impress the venue with your cooperation and hopefully this will be your first of many shows at this venue. Lots of things need to be figured out, including compensation, load-in time, ticket sales, sound and equipment, etc.

3. Build Your Setlist

Hopefully, you guys all love your own songs, but you want your newest fans to love them too! And that involves showing them off in the best way possible. Ensure that transitions between songs are smooth and creative. Stagger your high energy and low-energy songs so you don't get too tired and so you don't bore the crowd. Throw a tasteful cover in there too!

4. Visual Presentation: Merch table & On stage

You always have to look the part! Don't wear bike shorts and socks with sandals on stage (unless you're going for that look). Everyone can hear your music online, but they've chosen to come out and see you, so put on a show for them! Plan your outfits, have a signature look, and be an entertainer! Make sure your merch table looks organized too. Display what types of merch you have, the prices for each, a cashbox for change, etc.

To read more, check out Dave Cool's article on BandZoogle. Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon!