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Tuesday, May 20th, 2014


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A Music Video isn’t Enough; You Need a Youtube Content Strategy

If you’ve missed the days when people would tune into MTV and watch the music videos of their favorite bands, you’re not alone. Although it has seemed that the music video has lost its place in the music scene, Youtube has revived the dormant art form. However, simply uploading a video is not good enough; developing a content strategy is the real challenge. Here are four tips that describe how to build your fanbase with the use of Youtube videos.

Make the Most of Your Email List

As a band, you need to keep your fans informed in the easiest way possible. Social media sites can work wonders when you’re trying to get them to your shows, but a personal email sent directly to them doesn’t hurt either. Developing an email strategy is one of the most beneficial, yet overlooked activities that bands can do. We’ve got 5 simple steps to develop and improve your email strategies.

How to Effectively Promote Your Music Video on Facebook

Writing, recording, and performing your music, along with selling yourself on social media platforms are just a few things that up and coming bands have to tackle in this competitive industry. While every other musician is taking part in these activities, one great way to pave your unique path is through the use of music videos. Uploading these videos to Facebook also allows you to cut through all of the clutter and focus on your fans directly. Check out how videos on Facebook can promote the growth of your fan base!

Promote Your Shows with These 3 Events Listing and Management Sites

As a fresh, young band, you might be wondering how to get other people to your gigs, aside from your roommate and your mom. Growing your audience can be a difficult task to endure alone. Thankfully, these three events listing and management sites can help. With strong distribution networks worldwide, they can serve as great assets for your band.

5. Slyde Launches Mobile App to Promote Singles with Rich Content and Monetization

The latest mobile app, Slyde has given musicians a great opportunity to promote their singles. Artists can create “slydes” featuring a single, then they can upload lyrics, pictures, and videos along with the song. It gives their fans an opportunity to not only hear the music, but to get a glimpse into their daily lives. The creators of Slyde are trying to regain a rich musical experience that they believe has been lost in this digital music age. Check out the app and decide for yourself!

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