Thursday, May 15th, 2014


It’s about that time of year again, guys! The sun is shining (sometimes), school is winding down, you’re counting your vacation days, and summer festivals are almost upon us! Whether you are an old pro, or this is your first summer festival, Bands on a Budget has you covered with tips for making the most of the summer season in our four part series!

Written By Rebecca Groom

- Pick a reliable car and driver. You don’t want to be driving there and break down or find out your driver is a speed demon with intense road rage, especially for longer distance driving. If someone in your group has AAA, try to go with that car. It could be of use for unforeseen emergencies. If you’re going far away for the festival, take your car in to get an oil change beforehand at a place that also does an inspection. Be prepared!

- If you’re driving a distance with a caravan of people (like a group of 8+ cars going to Bonaroo!) pick up some walkie talkies. They don’t have to be expensive, but ones with a headset work well. This way, everyone can be in touch without having to pick up the phone. If you’re driving at night, the walkie talkies can help provide entertainment by talking to the other drivers if everyone in your car is asleep. It’s easier to tell directions, to ensure everyone know what they are doing, and be able to all take a rest stop if needed. However, since they are only short range, make sure everyone has one another’s phone numbers before leaving if someone does get lost.

- Short or long distance, make sure everyone knows where you are parked and if you are divvying up gas money. It’s better to tell people they owe you money ahead of time instead of springing it up on them last minute. Again, getting everyone’s phone numbers is a must to make sure you can all find each other at the end of the day.

- If you are the driver, especially on a one day festival, be responsible. Drinking excessively, using drugs, or anything else that knowingly inhibits your ability to drive is a no-no. If you are the one driving everyone back, be a responsible person and a good friend.

- This may sound silly, but before you leave make sure everyone has their tickets and anything else they might need. Someone be a parent and do a ticket check, bag check, etc. You don’t want to be halfway there and someone realize they can’t get into the festival.