Tuesday, April 15th, 2014


In our weekly series, BandsOnABudget.com goes through the dregs to bring you the best in DIY focused news, tips, and advice on the topics of touring, marketing, promoting, social media, PR, & more.

1. Is YouTube A Social Network or Something Better?

Music Think Tank breaks down how YouTube is not just a social network, but a business. Between ad revenue and monetizing on the platform. They use a few different examples of people who have done it, but not how to utilize the platform. It’s something to look into, though!

2. The Visual Aspect of Music

Indie On The Move’s guest poster Danny Schmitz writes about why visual aspects of your performance may be more important than the auditory aspect. This doesn’t excuse that you still need to make good music, but make sure you look the part also!

3. How To Turn A Boring Gig Into A Memorable Event

In the same vein as the last article, CD Baby interviewed Orion Simprini of The Orion Experience on how they changed their indie-rock club performance into an off-broadway experience. It’s a cool concept with some points you can take away for your own performance.

4. 5 Minute Musician Website Makeover

In another article from CD Baby, here is some quick “spring cleaning” clips that you can do for your website. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

5. A Musician's Guide To Heartbleed Bug

Hopefully, you’ve heard about the Heartbleed bug, which is a major security threat. Hypebot gives you the lowdown on how to protect yourself from this and keep your information safe!

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