Thursday, March 13th, 2014


In our weekly series, goes through the dregs to bring you the best in DIY focused news, tips, and advice on the topics of touring, marketing, promoting, social media, PR, & more.

1. Mixing Tip: Give Your Ears A Break

Stayed up late to finish a mix, just to listen to it the next morning and realize it needs to be redone? You might have Temporary Threshold Shift, but fear not. Bandhacks tells you how to spot it, how to postpone it, and how to fix it. Ear are important, yo!

2. Following Up With A Venue That Hasn't Returned Your E-mail

Are you sending out booking emails and getting zip in return? Indieonthemove has some suggestions to hopefully get your email read without coming off as pushy.

3. How To Live Your Dream Without A Support System

How many times have you heard “Why don’t you get a real job? There’s no money in making music.” Do you feel like you are the only one supporting your dreams? DIYMusician is ready to help. They detail three things that will help you live your dream without having a support system. Sometimes your only ally is yourself

4. How Understanding Publishing Can Help Independent Artists

This article specifically relates to Youtube and how publishing works on there, but it links to another article that has much more depth on the topic. Explains the general information on how Youtube Publishing works, and some don’ts for your channel.

5. 4 Music Industry Execs Reveal SXSW Tips & Tactics

While you might not be at SXSW this year, but it’s useful for any music conference or festival you are planning on playing or attending. Just quick bits on time management and networking.

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