Thursday, February 20th, 2014


Written by Jacob Vernick

Not too long ago, bands would go on tour without cell phones. Even the thought of owning a cell phone seemed insane just 20 years ago. Now, going on a tour without a smartphone seems insane. All apps are made for a specific demographic and a bunch of apps appeal to bands on the road. The apps below are going to help you save money, have fun, and be well prepared in every unknown location you may end up in.

When it comes to being on tour, saving money is probably the most important thing to do. Road Trip shows you the lowest gas prices, tracks your gas mileage, and graphs out the expenses of your trip. Road Trip is only $4.99, and will definitely be worth the cost because it will save you at least that much money on tour.

While every band already has a tuner, why not make it simple and get a cheap one on your iPhone just in case your tuner breaks? Cleartune is probably the best tuning app on the market. It can tune any instrument that produces a pitch, anything from a guitar to a trumpet, and reviews say it’s even better than the average tuner.

Want to show all of your fans what you’re up to while you’re on tour? Instead of just making videos and posting them directly to your Twitter or Facebook, grab Reel Director, a simple and easy to use video-editing app. Take a bunch of videos and pictures and throw them all together to make your own mini tour documentary. For only $1.99 you can become your own filmmaker and make an awesome video for your fans to watch.

Going into a new city for the first time can be kind of intimidating. Where do you go, where is the best/cheapest place to eat, and all questions like this haunt you in a new city. And that’s where Yelp will help (unintentional rhyme). For every restaurant in the city it will give you user reviews of the quality of the food, the prices, and everything in between. Yelp can also help you find something to do if you’re stuck in a city for a few hours with nothing going on. Yelp will absolutely be important to have when you go on tour.

Now this one might be a bit confusing, but it is something that a lot of bands seem to be doing. Managing your own app will be very important on tour. Using a website like Mobile Roadie, you can create your own app for a reasonable price. You can sell music, merch, and post your tour dates all onto this iPhone, iPad, and Android app. Just knowing that The Rolling Stones use Mobile Roadie should have you saying Start Me Up! (Lame pun, right?)

Our awesome intern, Jacob Vernick, brings you tips and resources every week to help make your music career a bit easier!