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Monday, September 1st, 2014


In our weekly series, goes through the dregs to bring you the best in DIY focused news, tips, and advice on the topics of touring, marketing, promoting, social media, PR, & more.

Apps are the Future of Music

Apps are here to stay, at least for a while. This article shows the industry’s failure to grasp this new technology, and how apps are changing the landscape of the industry. Maybe this new innovation is what the industry needs to revive from the “dead.”

Two New DIY Services

D.I.Y. mentality seems to be making a comeback as of late. Rabbl and Loudr, two new DIY Services, follows this same vein. Rabbl allows artists to crowdfund their concerts, while Loudr is the first music distribution platform to help with cover song licensing. Both services have the potential to change how the music industry works, but only if they can succeed.

Smule's New Social Network

There seems to be a new social network popping up every few minutes, and not all of them can handle the competition. Smule, creator of various music-recording apps like the Ocarina, I Am T-Pain app, and Sing Karaoke, already has the fanbase, but they are now combining all the apps into one “Smule Nation.” Will this be able to take the place of American Idol and Youtube, and could we possibly find our next star here?

What To Consider When Looking for a Music Publishing Deal

DIY Musician brings you a guest post from Imagem, a music publishing company, on the important things to know when searching for a music publishing deal. Giving you the who, when, and why and the nitty gritty, it is useful for any band thinking of getting a music publisher or wondering if they should bother.

7 Tips to Increase Your Exposure and Potential

Music Clout brings a guest article from Symphonic Distribution on how to increase your exposure and potential. Filled with tips about artwork, online activity, and how to market yourself. Useful for emerging local bands who want to gain more fans!

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