Monday, October 14th, 2013


5 Vital Features For Your Band's Website

Music Think Tank brings you tips on how to fully maximize your band’s website to be more functional with five tried and true elements. With a suggestion to take your webpage off myspace, MTT gives you the reasoning behind why these features are important.

Best Books on Music Promotion and Music Business

Music Clout brings a guest post from The Musicians Guide with a list of 9 books for musicians on the music business, promotion, creativity, and success. While some books get repetitive and spew the exact same advice, these books have been read and recommended by industry professionals, especially for D.I.Y. musicians. Quick side-note: all links to purchase books are for Amazon UK!

10 Networking Tips For Musicians and Bands

Music Think Tank also brings you tips on how to properly network as a musician or a band. With the music industry sometimes leaning towards “who-you-know” before “what-you-know”, networking is vital to gaining more opportunities. These tips will help you stand out above the pack.

Berklee Online Adds New Music Degrees

From Hypebot, Berklee Online has added the first Bachelors degree in Music Production and Music Business. With applications beginning on October 7th for a Fall 2014 start date, this is changing the way people think about higher education. With a price tag of $16,500, maybe it’s time someone started changing things.

8 Effective Ways to Better Promote Your Release

With everyone and their mother releasing new music, you have to struggle to make sure you get heard by anybody. Definitely aimed towards more established bands/artists, but anyone can benefit from some of these tips to stand out from the crowd.