Tuesday, October 1st, 2013


BandsOnABudget.com offers a large array of merch items, but our most popular product is custom screen printed t-shirts. Ever wondered what screen printed means, or how it’s done? Well read on as we bring you through the process of screen printing…

To begin, your artwork/design image is burnt into a screen and the ink colors for the artwork are prepared. The shirt is placed on a machine with palettes, the screen is lined up on top of the shirt, and the color is applied on top of the screen and run over the burned image. If there are multiple colors for the design, then the shirt is flashed between colors to set the previous color.

So, when we tell you that each color in your design requires a separate screen, this is what we’re referring to. Each portion of the design that has a different color will have a separate screen burned, and that particular ink color is applied to that specific screen.

We know watching videos are much easier, so check out this one: 3 Color Print Demo With Flash, that shows the process of screen printing on a shirt with multiple colors.

This koozie printing video shows screen printing on a different medium, a drink koozie or as we now call them, Can Coolers.

Check back every week for more instructional guides, resources and tips!