Friday, September 27th, 2013


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Digital Street Teams and Online Promotion

Music Think Tank gives you the rundown on the benefits of a digital street team, especially in the age of social networks. Best of all, everything is free for you, it just requires a bit of give and take. MTT tells you why you should be taking advantage of a digital street team and how to manage one.

Madonna's #secretprojectrevolution

On September 24th, Madonna released a BitTorrent Bundle for her film “secretprojectrevolution” she co-directed with Steve Klein. It is the platform for her bigger project “Art For Freedom,” which is Madonna’s cry for revolution. While Madonna may not be your cup of tea, it coincides with BitTorrent Bundle going into alpha mode and allowing lesser known artists to use their program. Will this change how artists release content?

Headphone Problem Solved! Now If Only It Was Available

Every music fan has had problems with their headphones snagging and ripping out of their device; this leads to the inevitable breaking of the headphones, and possibly the device they are connected to. Someone created a solution with headphones that act like a mac charger with the magnetic strip, but Apple owns the patent. Includes an awesome video of something we can never have, and discussions on the effectiveness of patents for artists.

Music Apps You Should Be Checking Out

DIY Musician brings you four music apps you should be looking at today. Since society is moving away from purely auditory experiences, apps give a level of interactivity that is required today. Might as well jump on the bandwagon before it changes and leaves you behind.

Tips To Prevent Instrument Theft

Every week, a new band has had their gear stolen from their van. DIY Musician brings you tips from Geartrack, online musical instrument registry that aims to deter theft and aid in recovery, on how to make sure you do not lose any of your expensive gear. Better to be proactive about protecting your gear than reactive!

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