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Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

News You Can Use: Band Building, The Vinyl Revival, and The Psychology of Music

In our weekly series, goes through the dregs to bring you the best in DIY focused news, tips, and advice on the topics of touring, marketing, promoting, social media, PR, & more.

1. Starting From Scratch: How to Build Your Fanbase

We all have to start from somewhere. But it can get pretty overwhelming when you begin to think about all of the work that goes into getting noticed in your hometown at the very least. With a bunch of local bands stealing the spotlight, it’s difficult to cut through the noise, but it can be done. But musicians shouldn’t be fighting for the top spot, they should be supporting each other every step of the way. Right now in our hometown of Asbury Park, we’ve got a bunch of great, local talent that have all built their fanbase by following a few easy guidelines. 

2. Photoshop Alternatives: How to Build Your Image

Now that we’ve built our fanbase, it’s time to build ourselves! In reality, we probably should have worked on ourselves first, but that’s ok. There’s no doubt that the music always comes first, but the handful of things that come second and third still matter too. One of those things happen to be your band’s image. Always remember, you have to look the part! And aside from the crazy glam rock outfits...your CD covers, Facebook banners, and custom t-shirts should all look the part too! Since we can’t all spend the time wrapping our heads around photoshop, we’ve got some great alternatives instead. They’re mostly free and they can help you help yourself!

3. The Vinyl Revival

We’ve all heard that vinyls have recently been making an enormous comeback, but it turns out that this increase in sales isn’t just the hipster scene trying to prove a point again. Laura Creed of Superfi has done some serious research on the change in music sales and she has uncovered some interesting stuff. Check out her interesting discoveries in The Rise of Digital vs. The Vinyl Revival. 

4. 6 Ways to Reach Your Crowdfunding Goal

Hopefully we’ve all donated a few bucks to a kickstarter campaign at some point. After all, it’s all about supporting your fellow musicians, right? Well, whatever you might be trying to accomplish, these six tips will help you keep your campaign organized, keep your fans happy, and hopefully make some money!

5. The Psychology of Music

When trying to write the next hit song, it’s difficult to imagine what people might want to listen to. The fact of the matter is, likeability of music is so subjective, it is nearly impossible to please everyone. Despite this, everyone’s brains undergo a similar process when we are deciding if we enjoy a song or not. Read the article and decide for yourself. 

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