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Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

News You Can Use: Making the most out of Instagram, Bandcamp, and Email Marketing

In our weekly series, goes through the dregs to bring you the best in DIY focused news, tips, and advice on the topics of touring, marketing, promoting, social media, PR, & more.

1. How Instagram Can Help Your Band

Let’s admit, Instagram is definitely one of the cooler social media platforms. Aside from the occasional overload of selfies that you’ll come across, it can be very helpful too. Instagram can help your target your audience and build your band’s fanbase. People love great pictures and videos over three paragraphs of text any day. And when you mix that with a strategic use of hashtags, you’ll be unstoppable. Give the article a read and discover how you can use Insta to make everyone discover you. 

2. The Holiday Email Blast

With all of the social media marketing that clutters the digital sky, it’s easy to forget about one of the most effective ways to reach people online: Email marketing. The holidays are approaching quickly and 20% of all music sales happen in the last six weeks of the year. That being said, it’s time to revamp that email marketing campaign! These five tips will make it much more likely for people to open up those emails and even make a purchase. Think about it, people will be desperately searching for things to spend money on for the next few weeks, so why shouldn’t they spend it on your music?

3. Be Thankful You’re not in a Band 20 Years Ago

Lots have been said about the state of the current music industry and its potential future and most of it has been negative. However, legendary recording engineer Steve Albini begs to differ. In a recent interview he did in Australia, he describes how the Internet, the end of the major label stranglehold on distribution, and rapid changes in our cultural attitudes towards copyright has empowered musicians in ways that would have never been possible 20 years ago. If anyone is familiar with Albini and his unique attitude, you should be pretty excited to watch this interview. 

4. Don’t Lose Your Mind When You’re on Tour

Touring has always seemed like great and rewarding experience as a musician. You get the opportunity to play music that you love to fans across multiple cities with some of your best friends. Also, during this day and age, the revenue you get from the live aspect of music is most likely going to be your biggest source of income. But life doesn’t go on hold when the tour begins. Sooner or later, those little things start to catch up with you. Paying your bills, staying in touch with people, and all of those other nuances that slip your mind. This article will help you deal with these little things so you can concentrate more on the tour!

5. The Wonderful World of Bandcamp

Selling music to fans was way too difficult for way too long. If artists write great music that people want, they should be able to give it directly to their fans, whether they sell it for $30 or give it away for free. Luckily, Bandcamp was thinking the same exact thing. Fans have given artists over $88 million, proving that this format can help. But the shocking part of the story is the amount of people who don’t even know what Bandcamp is and what is has to offer. If you’re in a band, get your music up there now, because you’ve really got nothing to lose.

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