Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Live From - Featuring Fresno, California's 90.7 KFSR

Live From is a new segment we will be bringing you on occasion. Each segment will feature a different 'local' college radio station from somewhere in America and tell you what they are playing.

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90.7 KFSR

This week we spoke to Griffin Snyder, the music director over at KFSR in Fresno, California and asked him who he's playing.

90.7 KFSR is a unique college radio station. They don't have a large staff but make up for it with quality music. If you tune just anytime in the midday hours, you'll hear the best mix of old Jazz, but tune in between 6pm and Midnight any weekday night and you'll hear The Evening Eclectic. This is Fresno's hidden gem of Indie rock goodness. They have 12 dedicated DJ's who bring the best mix of brand new and older indie rock hits to the Fresno airwaves. Some of the bands that are currently in rotation at KFSR include:

Rademacher - They are currently the biggest Indie hit here in Fresno and are currently doing a residency over at Spaceland in LA for the month of December I believe. They just released their new EP called ERA and it has a very bluesy rock feel to it. The line up is simple; drums, guitar, bass. I would love to see these guys get more exposure.

The Aircrash - This is a group of 5 guys who have put together a pretty solid sound. It reminds me of something like Coldplay mixed with Evangelicals. Their lead singer sounds like Thom Yorke too. They haven't released anything but are working on a new album.

Circles and Circles - This is a group of wonderful musicians who have all played in Fresno bands for the past couple years and have come together to create this very unique and mellow sound. This is a Fresno band at its core, and we love them for always creating music and playing local shows.

For more information on 90.7 KFSR you can contact them here:
Griffin Snyder
KFSR Music Director
Mail Stop SA119
5201 N. Maple
Fresno, CA 93740