Friday, March 6th, 2015

Interview Series: A Rocket To Mars

At we are all about making custom merch for bands, brands, and businesses. We love to help our customers create an awesome final product as much as we like getting to know them in the process. After purchasing some custom t-shirts, Frank, Steve, & Chris from the Jersey-based band A Rocket To Mars, were kind enough to partake in our Interview Series. They give us the breakdown of the band's biggest influences, best performances, and weirdest stories.

1. What kind of music does your band play and how did the band form?

It's got mixed roots. Punk to Motown. It's all in there somewhere.

2. What is the best show your band has played so far?

The best show is always the next show.

3. Tell us about the most unique member of your band.

We're all pretty weird.

4. What have you been playing on your iTunes/Spotify/Pandora?

"School of Seven Bells, Parquet Courts, Fuzz, Melody's Echo Chamber, Le Femme, Causa Sui, The Radio Dept."-Frank 

"Right now Cat Empire is playing on iTunes." -Chris

5. Vinyl, CDs, or MP3s?

"Vinyl preferably, just not in the car." -Frank 

"I love the cd/vinyl combo. If I see that in a store I usually buy it." -Chris

6. Do you have any tattoos?



"Maybe" -Chris

7. What is your favorite song to cover? Why?

We don't have any covers in our set right now. "No Tears" by Tuxedomoon seems like it would be fun to rock out."-Frank 

"I love to cover any new wave song preferably the Cars or Psychedelic Furs." -Steve 

"Search and Destroy, love the power in that song."-Chris

8. What advice would you give to fellow bands/musicians?

Be Honest. Be Creative

9. What is your favorite piece of gear within your rig?

"My modified Gibson SG. We've been through a lot together. Also, my red Ross flanger."-Frank 

"My Mesa Strategy. It gives great back massages."-Chris

10. Tell us about the merch you band ordered from Bands on a Budget and what you enjoyed about the company.

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