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Monday, March 9th, 2015

News You Can Use: How much does it REALLY cost to make a record?

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1. Who’s Ready for SXSW?

The annual Texas festival is shaping up to be quite the party this year. With only a few days left before the commencement of SXSW 2015, a few names are still being added to the list. Artists like Spoon, J. Cole, and Portugal. The Man are just a handful of musicians who we can expect to see this year. SXSW has added a full list of new 2015 showcasing artists on their website. With artists from all over the globe, this list will definitely show you which artists to keep your eyes on this year.

2. The Power of Saying “No”

Being a musician (or just working in the music industry) is one of the most difficult tasks to take on. It requires countless hours of work and endless amount of money, yet it barely gives back in the short-run. Because of this, opportunities always seem so grand and extravagant when they finally appear. But much too often, musicians say “yes” to every situation that lies before them. Although we’re not trying to tell you to turn down opportunities that could potentially further your career, we are suggesting that you can spread yourself too thin. Sometimes, focusing on one important task is much better for your musical careers.

3. How much does it REALLY cost to make a record?

MusicSUBMIT blog writer Michael Corcoran describes the recording process that the Rolling Stones went through in 1972, while they were recording Exile on Main Street. After moving around from studio to studio, in various countries, the band spent about $2M on the album. Don’t freak out, we promise that it doesn’t have to cost that much to make a record! Back in those days, bands would go into the studio without doing any pre-production, and sometimes without a song. They would begin the writing process in the studio (and pay an hourly fee to just jam). Thankfully, things are a bit different these days. Lots of work can and should be done prior to even stepping into the studio, substantially lowering costs. Check out the rest of Corcoran’s blog post and see how much your band should expect to spend on a full length album.

4. Using Spotify Playlists to Boost Fan Base

There’s usually a nice feeling of accomplishment once your music is listed on Spotify, but the job isn’t over yet! Just because you posted your music onto the streaming service doesn’t mean that everyone is going to listen to it. Creating and sharing your own Spotify playlists can be one of the most effective ways to increase engagement. Red Bull and Coca Cola are just a few brands that have taken complete advantage of playlists.

5. 12 Radio Promotion Tips

How does your band get on the radio? At first, it might be easier to aim for smaller radio stations. College stations and local stations are always a great starting point. But an over saturated market place still makes it difficult for radio stations to listen to your music. These 12 promotion tips will get your music into the right radio DJ’s hands and hopefully on the air.

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