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Monday, March 30th, 2015

A Quick Guide to the Netflix of Vinyls

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1. When should you release new music?

A few weeks ago, the International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI) announced that starting this summer, “new albums and singles will be released at 00:01 local time on Fridays.” This international release day has been put in place for a few reasons, but mostly because staggered release dates don’t make much sense anymore. With the digital age changing the way that fans consume new music, it’s just easier to release things on the same day. At least, it’s easier for most major artists, but what about the smaller bands? With T-Swift and Beyonce taking over the weekends with their releases, it might be better for your band to stray away from those days when releasing your singles.

2. The Netflix of vinyl

Yes, the Netflix of Vinyl. This subscription based media company is reworking the ways in which we consume vinyl. In case you haven’t noticed, everyone is listening to records again, resulting in a 52% increase in vinyl sales since 2013. VNYL is hoping to continue this trend with their vinyl delivery service. Basically, users choose from their list of categories (or #vibes, as they call it), then VNYL sends you a batch of hand-picked records. You keep what you want, then send back what you don’t like.

3. Seven tips to get sponsorships for your band

Sponsorships are a mutually beneficial arrangement between two or more groups. Most artists can get free custom band merch, show promotion, and credibility through these partnerships. For companies, they usually benefit by creating public awareness, increasing sales, and building their credibility by working with a band. These tips will show you how to get your band some long-lasting sponsorships.

4. Music Business advice from 5th century B.C.

As much as you might dislike a good history lesson, there is always something to learn from our ancestors. This lesson comes from the work by the Chinese general Sun Tzu. Although he wasn’t necessarily in a rock n’ roll band, his universal advice and philosophical teachings still have the ability help those in the music business.

5. Three branding lessons from music’s biggest superstars

J. Cole, Lady Gaga, and Dave Grohl are not only musical superstars, but they are teachers too. Whether they intended to pursue this career path, or they just happened to fall into it, lots of lessons can be learned from them. With the ability to reinvent themselves and own their art, these three are true branding masters.

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