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Monday, April 6th, 2015

Key benefits of big data for musicians

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1. The power of data for musicians

The process of writing, recording, and releasing music is a strange concept when you really think about it. Musicians basically undergo the entire creative process all by themselves, locked away in some dark bedroom or dimly lit recording space. Then they make one post on their facebook page about their new song and expect to be heard around the world. It’s really easy to keep fans in the dark during the months leading up to your release because you’re not necessarily playing shows and the fans aren’t at the studio. But thankfully, the power of big data, specifically data provided by companies like Audiokite, give musicians the chance the bridge the gap between the recording process and the actual release.

2. Full text of Tidal’s “Declaration”

Jay Z’s newest streaming service Tidal has definitely been the focus of conversation in music business circles for the past few days. Although Alicia Keys was the only one to speak at their announcement ceremony, the all star line up of artists all signed their declaration, in the name of sustainable creativity and expression. See the full text of Tidal’s Declaration here.

3. Bandsintown + Youtube Cards

Now that Youtube cards are becoming the biggest marketing tool on Youtube, lots of companies are trying to integrate them into their business - Bandsintown being one of them. With their new Youtube card integration, users can now be directed straight your Bandsintown page from your Youtube videos, hopefully boosting those ticket sales!

4. Facebook’s Events Subscription Feature

Sometimes tracking your favorite band can be pretty difficult because of all the clutter on Facebook. And sometimes it’s hard to reach your fans through the oversaturated social platform. But luckily, Facebook has added a new subscription feature to their events section. You can now subscribe to your favorite band’s events, then get notified when they’re playing near you. Although it’s not much, it somewhat helps us to cut through the clutter and and reach our fans on Facebook.

5. Radio Promotion 101

Bob Boilen (creator/host of All Songs Considered) drops some knowledge on us all with his basics of radio promotion. His main point was that artists should assume that the listener won’t like their music. We know that sounds a little harsh, but there are reasons behind his words. Boilen explains that you have to find some way to tell a story and give the listener a reason to understand why this person makes the music they make. You might hate the music, but you understand why they’re playing that music.

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