Monday, April 20th, 2015

Build Your Own Merch Package

If you haven’t taken full advantage of our Custom Merch Packages yet, then you’ve been missing out on some great merch and even greater deals! By selecting one of our four custom merch packages, your band has the ability to save big, even when ordering more! But, one of the most frequently asked questions at Bands on a Budget is... “How do I create my own custom merch package?”

Don’t worry, your question will finally be answered with our brand new “Build Your Own Merch Package” Special. From now until May 15th, 2015, you can order 2 or more merch items and save some serious cash! Mix and match anything from our custom printed band t-shirts to our custom guitar picks. With this new “Build Your Own Merch Package” Special you’re no longer limited to our custom merch packages; you’re the ones in control. Feels good to have that kind of power, doesn’t it? But... with great power comes great responsibility, so order soon, before the special is over!