Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Interview Series: Scotch Hollow

At we are all about making custom merch for bands, brands, and businesses. We love to help our customers create an awesome final product as much as we like getting to know them in the process. Carly from the blues/country band Scotch Hollow definitely took full advantage of what we have to offer. After ordering t-shirts, can coolers, indiecards, and guitar picks, the band is all stocked up on custom merch! They were also kind enough to take part in our interview series! They give us the breakdown of the band's biggest influences, best performances, and weirdest stories.

1. First, please provide us a little background information.

What is your band or company name?: Scotch Hollow

What is your name and what is your role?: Carley Martin, Singer, Manager

Where are you from?: Chicago...moving to Kansas City


Facebook Page:



2. Are you a band or a company?


3. What genre of music does your band play and how did the band form?

We play sultry blues and country original music. Mark and Carley met at Berklee College of Music and many years later finally released their first full-length album.

4. What inspired your band name?

Scotch Hollow is a place near Mark's hometown in Central Pennsylvania we enjoy visiting.

5. Who are your musical influences?

We feel good being compared to blues artists - although we do have a lot of songs that are VERY country sounding, which is why we have slapped on the "roots" genre label because it can indulge both blues and country. It's stripped down music but we sound bigger than we are because of Mark's fingerpicking. Growing up in Kansas City, my childhood was spent singing and exploring the rich blues and jazz culture as well as singing country songs at rodeos. My life shifted gears when I came across a Big Mama Thornton disc; I fell in love with her and Susan Tedesci, Bonnie Raitt, etc. Mark's guitar playing is a mash-up of Robert Johnson, Tampa Red, Mississippi Fred McDowel. If Doc Watson and Mississippi John Hurt had a baby, sprinkled in a little punk rock flavor; there you have Mark's guitar.

6. What are some of your favorite venues?

Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago, Wagon Wheel Amphitheater in Philipsburg, PA. Westport Saloon in Kansas City, MO.

7. Now, lets dig into some important questions our readers are dying to know.

What was the first record that you owned?: Carley - Mariah Carey haha / Mark - any punk album

What musician would you like to drink a beer with?: Carley - Mic Jagger

What’s your favorite piece of gear within your rig?: Mark's steel dobro

8. Tell us,

What is playing on your iPhone/Spotify/Pandora?: Devil Makes Three, Reverend Payton and the Big Damn Band, Left Lane Cruiser, A.J. Gaither

 If you got a band tattoo, what band would it be?: Our logo our good friend Richie Stewart made

Vinyl, CDs, or MP3s?: MP3 and CD

9. What advice would you give to fellow bands?

Don't give up...find a way to make your music live! Be flexible, have fun, and work your ass off.

10. Tell us about the merch your band ordered from Bands On A Budget and the significance of the design you chose.

It was our first time buying a large amount of merchandise so I was nervous, but we really had a great success! Carley works as a makeup artist in the fashion industry and insisted on having some t-shirts made up for the ladies that were v-neck and more colorful; we had traditional black shirts that were uni-sex and they really sold fast. We were stoked! Our coozies are great promo pieces that people like to show off, and our download cards look fancy and get people to look us up online. We also ordered some custom guitar picks for party favors at Mark and Carley's wedding. <3

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