Monday, July 27th, 2015

Musician Spotlight: Regina Conroy

Enjoy live music at Asbury Fresh this summer! Asbury Fresh is a artisan and farmers market that happens twice a week in Asbury Park, NJ and since Bands on a Budget loves supporting our local musicians, we invited 10 different talented artists from New Jersey to perform each Thursday night at Asbury Fresh for the rest of the summer.

Performing this Thursday night at 6pm is singer-songwriter and frontwoman of Far in the Maples, Regina Conroy! Regina's a local favorite that can be seen performing solo acoustic or with her full band Far in the Maples who just released their debut CD. Let's get to know more about Regina!

How would you describe your sound to someone who's never heard your music before?


What's the name of your latest release and where can we find it?

"Skywork" is Far in the Maple's debut album. You can purchase our album on iTunes and Amazon, as well as listen on Spotify.

Who are your top three music influences?

Alanis Morisette, Neko Case and Avril Lavigne

What are you top three favorite local venues?

Paramount Theater, The Saint, Asbury Park Yacht Club

If you had to listen to one record on repeat what would it be? 

Young the Giant's self titled album. It was playing the first time my now boyfriend and I hung out alone, while looking at the stars laying in the grass. I am clearly emotionally attached to this album(haha) it makes me feel happy and nostalgic.

What’s your favorite piece of gear within your rig? 

My capo! It's simple, but I love changing the key of any song at any time to make it fit for me.

Which musician would you grab a beer with?

Katy Perry (haha) she seems down to earth and like a real person, and also a fun drinking buddy!

Have you been to Asbury Fresh before?

Not yet!

Which vendor are you looking forward to checking out?

All of them!

If you had your own vendor table, what would you sell?

I'm obsessed with flowers so maybe something to do with flowers or plants.