Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

2 BandsOnABudget.com Shows Coming To Asbury Park!

Just a quick update for y'all in regards to 2 shows BandsOnABudget.com will be bringing to Asbury Park.

Friday 2/6/2009
8PM | 21+ | FREE |
O'Tooles Pub (on the Asbury Park Boardwalk, inside Convention Hall)

Jeff Plate (sikamor rooney)
In one lab, a 60s-era rocker geneticist takes the DNA from Bob Dylan, Question Mark & The Mysterians (”96 Tears”), and The Seeds (”Pushin’ Too Hard”) and mixed it up in a test tube and lets it ferment for a while. In a second lab across the hall, an 80’s-era mod-punk-garage band rocker geneticist does the same with DNA from Iggy Pop, Lenny Kaye (of Nuggests fame), and a sampling of early Kinks DNA. Curious, and for the sake of science, the scientists mix the content of the two test tubes to see what results. When the kid grows up, you might have the sound of Sikamor Rooney, an up and coming band out of the East Village. Sikamor Rooney’s upbeat sound is an eclectic blend of musical styles and genres that seems to be influenced by a wide range of bands from the past 40 years, but it works. And it’s fun. They’ve been called “street wise folk rock” and “rapid-fire country punk”, yet to me, they’ve captured the pure retro garage folksy pre- punk Big Apple invasion sound. Sikamor Rooney is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Bradley York, bassist Anthony Chick, 26, both Big Apple natives, and drummer and vocalist Jeff Plate, from Jersey.

Bryan Wood (the riverwinds)
In a little over a year NJ natives, The Riverwinds, have exceeded their expectations and accomplished all the goals they set out to meet. They are testing themselves with a new level of standards. They already have:
Released "The First" EP Jan. 2008. (Sales 2000+)
Performed at Bamboozle Festival at Giants Stadium May 2008.
Successful east coast/midwest tour Summer 2008.
Hand picked by PureVolume.com for front page feature.
Featured unsigned band feature on TheDailyChorus.com
Garnered support from regional radio stations (GROCK, WMCX).
The Riverwinds have just wrapped up the recording of their debut full length due out Spring 2009. The album which fuses classic guitar solos, bluesy rhythms, and honest vocal content will be released on CD, vinyl, and digitally.

Friday 2/20/2009 (in conjunction with Collide-A-Scope)
8PM | All Ages | FREE |
America's Cup (633 Cookman Ave Asbury Park, NJ)

Scott Liss (solo acoustic)
Scott Liss & The Sixty-Six are a three-piece rock/psychedelic folk band from New Jersey formed by singer-songwriter Scott Liss, James Griffith, and Gianni Scalise.
+ 1 TBA