Monday, August 10th, 2015

Musician Spotlight: Lifeguard Nights and Emily Grove

Enjoy live music at Asbury Fresh this summer! Asbury Fresh is a artisan and farmers market that happens twice a week in Asbury Park, NJ and since Bands on a Budget loves supporting our local musicians, we invited 10 different talented artists from New Jersey to perform each Thursday night at Asbury Fresh for the rest of the summer!

This Thursday enjoy live music from Lifeguard Nights from Long Branch, NJ at 6pm followed by local siren Emily Grove of Wall,NJ at 7pm. First let's get to know more about these two talented acts.


Lifeguard Nights


Emily Grove

How would you describe your sound to someone who's never heard your music before?

LN: If the E Street Band made a baby with The Mothers of Invention and raised the child on indie rock, Lifeguard Nights would be that child.

EG: My producer said it best when he told me that I sounded "Like Patty Griffin and Nick Cave got into a fistfight."


LN: It's called "Do Rock" and it's a tribute album to our old friend and bandmate John Dorocki. You can find it here:

EG: My latest release is my full length album called "The Life of a Commoner" and you can buy it on iTunes as well as

Who are your top three music influences?

LN: Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, Morphine

EG: The Cranberries, PJ Harvey, and Alanis Morrissette

If you had to listen to one record on repeat what would it be?

LN: Wolf Parade's "Apologies to the Queen Mary"

EG: There are so many good choices, but I'd have to say PJ Harvey's "Rid of Me"

Which musician would you grab a beer with?

LN: Shane MacGowan. I probably wouldn't understand a word he said, and he probably wouldn't understand me either, so that'd be fun.

EG: I think it'd be really fun to share a beer with Bob Dylan and people watch.

 If you had your own vendor table at Asbury Fresh, what would you sell?

LN: Songs. Or maybe tomatoes. We have a lot of them in our garden.

EG: Since I love sweets so much, I'd definitely have an ice cream or cake shop!