Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Austin 2009 Digital Download Sampler

BLAMESHIFT “The Sirens Are Set”
BLAMESHIFT is a four piece female/male fronted rock band from Long Island, NY. After releasing their first independent album, The Test, in May 2007, the band left it all behind and began touring full time coast to coast. The past year consisted of 6 national tours, including the Vans Warped Tour in CA, NY, NJ & PA. They are currently writing new music and shopping to labels in early April. Please email for press kit inquiries.


Music has the power to change hearts.  Hearts can change minds. Minds can change the world.  The three members of Vaeda formed with this mantra in mind and set out to play their part.

IDENITY X “This Addiction”
Identity X is a five piece, Alternative Metal band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With musical roots deeply embedded in rock, metal, jazz, blues and even classical, their sound is an artistic expression rich in dynamics, beauty, and aggression. Recently the band released their E.P. in August of 2008 to give their fans a taste of what their full length CD, "Perception is Reality", will sound like (tentative summer 2009 release). The members of Identity X pride themselves in consistently turning heads and will continue to do so until every man, woman and child nationwide have stiff necks.

GREG TALMAGE “Revolution”
The Greg Talmage Band is a rock show filled with songwriter-esque intimacy that will leave you bobbing your head for days. Hailing from southern Louisiana, and touring from Austin, TX to the Pittsburgh area, GTB is ready to bring their unique sound to a nation full of future fans. Unapologetically appealing to crowds of all ages and tastes with tales of emotional recklessness, spite, betrayal, love, happiness and personal downfall, the Greg Talmage Band can move the dance floor, the hearts of teeny boppers, and will hopefully move your imagination as to what a songwriter can become.

CREATURES! “Uh-huh, Baby, Yeah!”
Creatures! is the latest sensation to bust loose from Louisville, KY's unruly
underground. This five piece dance/rock band is sure to make you shake a hip or
two. With catchy riffs, hooky choruses and beats you can dance to, they have
been perfecting a sound that's as loud and obnoxious as the boys themselves.

We Are They are an upbeat and zany bunch from Mesa, Arizona.
Their music is eclectic, upbeat, fun, and has a rich set of complex

THE CURTAIN VEIL “Where Ocean Meets Sky”
The Curtana Veil is a band, a story, an idea that represents the importance of not forgetting where you come from and the experiences that lead you to become who you are. Our music is a fusion between rock, indie, and folk. We rock hard.

Straw Man Complex is Arizona's newest rock project and are exploding onto the national stage with their debut EP.  They don't try to sound or act like anyone, they're just here to rock. The band plays music that runs from brutal to beautiful and songs that are deep and real. Music is a place where we let go of everything we carry day to day and Straw Man Complex is taking you with them.

Farther from Resolution is a four-piece hard rock band from Long Island, New York. Formed in early 2007 and influenced by rock, metal, pop, and the prolific local scene, their combination of heavy riffs with almost pop-like, catchy-yet-edgy hooks translates into a sound of their own that appeals to many demographics. The band is currently recording their first full-length album for release in Spring 2009, and plans to spend the remainder of the year playing a heavy show schedule in order to promote themselves, further expand their growing fan base, and spread the message of their music.

Black Suit Youth is a high energy Alternative Rock Band from Long Island, New York. Formed in 2004, they have toured several times independently, gigged with big acts, and self released 2 records (available on iTunes).

VERSANOVA “Parade Of Saints”
In November of 2008, after taking all summer to rehearse and write a promising record, Versanova emerged from the practice space and into the Baton Rouge music scene. Utilizing synchronized videography and samples from various media, the band seeks to create an audio/visual experience that is worth seeing live, giving audiences their money's worth every time.

NORCIO “Halfway To Somewhere”
Louisiana's first Indie/Prog/Alt band, as well as the
first to change the face of the southern music scene.
The name Norcio comes from the late Christina Norcio Poliquin.
Meaningful lyrics collide with melodic progression in an experimental mix
that take you on a trip through the deepest parts of your soul and awaken
every human emotion.

KICK UP A STORM “Blast Of Carbon”
Kick up a Storm (KUAS) is a 5 piece band out of suburban/northern NJ that has been running for over 2 years.  Nihar, Joe, Steve, Dan and Tim all bring their own distinct style to the table and create a unique and amazing sound under the title of KUAS.  Not only are they original, but they always manage to pull off a 5 star performance at any show.

KICK UP A STORM “Psycho But I Like-o”
Kiss and Tell is classic Midwest power-pop. Catchy sing-a-longs, driving drums, high synth leads, and hard hitting guitars make Kiss and Tell truly unique. Check us out at

Seeking Through Silence, a NJ based Indie rock band, formed in 2005 and quickly became comfortable on stage as some of their very first shows earned them spots in reputable venues such as Webster Hall, Starland Ballroom, and The Knitting Factory. In 2007, they recorded their first full-length album that sold hundreds of copies locally, and reached as far as Japan and Indonesia. They've played 2 New England tours and a tour of the East Coast, and have plans to go out on the road again for three weeks in early Spring ‘09.

Finespun “4 Walls 1 Window”
NEW YORK BAND FINESPUN RELEASES "FRACTURE" WITH COLLECTIVE SOUL, ELTON JOHN, MEGADETH, PERRY FARELL PRODUCER AND ENGINEER ANTHONY J. RESTA AND KARYADI SUTJEDA: Finespun, a 4 piece band from New York who typifies the everlasting love affair we all have with the raw power, energy and emotion of rock and roll (Colorado Wave Radio and New Artist Radio). Find us on Myspace, at iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster!

SKY HARBOR “I Will Never Know”
There's definitely something in the water down in southern California.  Just ask any of the 5 members of SkyHarbor, who have found the perfect blend of pop, hardcore, and arena rock.  We guarantee SkyHarbor will be your next guilty pleasure!

ARYTHMA “So Slick”
Hometown: St Louis, MO

JET BLACK HEART ATTACK “Another Pretty Face”