Saturday, May 10th, 2014

IndieCards Spring Sampler Now Available has released a Spring Sampler IndieCard featuring 11 customer's original tracks.

For those who are not sure what an IndieCard is or how it works, IndieCards are used as an alternative to CDs. The cards are about the size of a credit card and contain a unique code on the back. By entering the code on, you gain access to exclusive content from the band. You can order your own music download cards here.

The Spring Sampler IndieCard features various genres of music to include something for music lovers of all kinds.

Track listing for the sampler:

1.Blameshift – F.A.K.E. (
2.One False Move – Drowning Melody (
3.At Rest – Dressed For Death (
4.They Sound Like Robots – Allisyndrome (
5.The Emmaus Project – Can You Tell Me? (
6.Natalie Gelman – Never Had You (
7.C.O.G.- Child of God – Know Your Bible (
8.Bess Rogers – Bulldozer (
9.Tommy Strazza & The Model Citizens – Detour (
10.Eric Ginsberg – Break My Rules (
11.The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa – The Shooter Is Me (

Give the sampler a listen, and while you're here, check out the new merchandise specials here at!