Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Live From - Ben Franklin

There are many bands looking to make an impact in the local music scene, but it seems as though one band stands out above the rest; that band is Ben Franklin. No, Benjamin Franklin didn't rise from the dead and start a kick ass band, but even if he did, it wouldn't be able to touch this Brooklyn  band.

Ben Franklin is a group of really enthusiastic and creative characters that chose their namesake for obvious reasons: they get excited and make things. The music tends to follow their interests, fairly all over the spectrum of rock. All three of them are battle-tested from previous acts (Days Awake, The Meltdowns, The OAOTs) and years of playing live. Forming in Dec 2008, Ben Franklin were able to put their first show together in a mere four rehearsals.

Ben Franklin consists of singer/guitarist Billy Gray, Eddie Garza, who sings and plays bass, and Sarah Tomek, who sings and wails on the drum kit. 

The band is releasing their first EP,  These Are the Most Delicate Songs, Saturday May 16th at I.M. Automata Chino in Jersey City, NJ, followed by releasing their first full-length album in early Summer 2009 on Tank Crash! records.

To hear more from Ben Franklin and get updates on what is new with the band, visit their myspace page at